Dress for success… in the bedroom with Legendary Suitjamas

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Inspired by the character Barney Stinson on the hit CBS TV show How I Met Your Mother, Legendary Suitjamas are loungewear/sleepwear that has been designed to resemble a tailored suit. These upscale pajamas are handmade by tailors using the finest quality silk/cotton blend for comfort and breathability. Suitjamas are priced at $99.95 and are available in 3 styles including black and gold, black and silver and premium grey. Dress to impress the next time you’re ready to retire to the bedroom with these luxury sleeping sets that are legend-wait-for-it-dary.

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9 thoughts on “Dress for success… in the bedroom with Legendary Suitjamas”

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    1. I ordered two pairs of these suit jammas in November. I have still not received either of them. The service has been absolutely terrible. I wouldn’t recommend the hassle. If you have any questions feel free to message me and I can send you copies of the redicouls email thread I have had with this company. Overall the worst experience I have ever had with online ordering.

  2. Btw to all the others out there who has purchased “LEGEDARY SUITJAMAS” if you wanna know how to test the fabric, just get a small piece, and burn it, it’s burnt and smelt like hell dripping plastic off the flames!!! Def not silk/cotton!!! I did fabric study and really h8 cheap lies like this.

  3. Huh, how strange. I own a pair of Legendary Suitjamas myself, and they’re definitely Silk/Cotton- just did the burn test myself after reading your comment. The companies been around for a few years though- maybe they used to add a synthetic material to the blend, but upgraded?

    btw my pair is only two months old.

  4. Btw, most of the comments on their Amazon listing seem to be overwhelmingly positive, especially regarding the quality & feeling of the fabric. I was pretty happy with them myself. Ultimately, does anyone really care what it’s made of as long as it’s durable and feels good?

    If you’re not happy with your pair though you should send them a message and get a refund- They were plenty friendly and helpful when I asked them for advice re: sizing

  5. Hi Jake,

    My Suitjamas only 5 month old and the tag says silk/cotton. I m certain they are not silk/cotton like the tag and website suggests, like I said I did fabric study during my fashion design degree and I know how much it costs to make a full high percentage silk/cotton blend garment, the price is too good to be true, and machine washable that’s hard to believe…

    I’m not saying synthetic isn’t good, some synthetic fabrics are actually as comfortable as natural fabric, more durable and much cheaper.

    The thing is they should tell the truth to their customers, they have the right to know what they paid for. Isn’t there any consumer laws regarding this? Probably hard to enforce since they were shipped to me from China not sure if that is where the Legendary company is based.

    I hope ur not working for them but if you are tell your designers to speak to the manufacturer who labels them plus marketing guys and get them to market the product truthfully to save any reputation problems and issues especially regarding customers who may have allergies to synthetic fabrics.

    Oh I have already tried to contact them via email but gave up after not getting a reply. Seeing this on the gadgeteer today reminded me again.

  6. I burnt some of the garment of my official legendary suitjama and it’s definitely not natural silk.
    It burns with black smoke and stinks of plastic not like hair at all and is sticky afterwards.
    with real silk/cotton mix they probably actually mean a synthetic “real silk” / cotton mix 😉

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