Protect Dad from the Cordpocalypse for Father’s Day and save!

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This Father’s Day, you could give your Dad (or yourself) the gift of an organized gear bag and desk with the Recoil Automatic Cord Winders.  Simply fold a cable in half and place the loop over the Recoil’s hook, tug the cable, and the Recoil automatically winds the cable into a neat little package.  The Recoil comes in three sizes that can hold everything from small earbud cables up to USB cables 80″ in length.  Regardless of the size you choose, each Recoil winder is only $7.50; combo kits with one of each size (or two mediums and one large) are only $20.99.  There’s also a Standard Rack that keeps three Recoil winders arranged neatly on your desk.  If you purchase by June 16th, you can save 25% in honor of Father’s Day.

4 thoughts on “Protect Dad from the Cordpocalypse for Father’s Day and save!”

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  2. Just FYI. A reviewer on amazon said that the smaller recoiler might damage the microphone on the apple iphone earpods in winding it up. So I sent an inquiring email today to all 3 email addresses on their web site. One for tech support, info and sales. All 3 came back as not deliverable to their email addresses. So I decided to phone someone and ask them directly about this. I got a recording that then put me on hold for 20 minutes until I finally just hung up.
    No customer service availability whatsoever was a real turn off 🙁

  3. We have had chronic email\phone outages since Wednesday June 5, and apologize for the problems that this is causing our customers. We CAN be reached 7 days a week at [email protected], and expect to have our technical problems resolved by Monday June 10.
    Thanks everyone for your patience,
    The Recoil Team

  4. David,
    What you are saying about being able to be reached 7 days a week at [email protected] has not been my experience for that as well as your phone number which has me on hold indefinitely.

    I had wanted some feedback about an amazon reviewer who said your recoiler had damaged the microphone on his apple ear-pods headphone. Are you willing to pay for and replace the $29 ear-pod if your recoiler winder ends up doing the same thing to mine regardless of what others have said about it not doing it to theirs. That kind of insurance as well as proven customer service, not promised, would be great. 🙂

  5. Recoil Winders have been designed and tested to wind and store your cables without damage, so you can be confident in using your earPods with Recoil products.
    If you are having any problems reaching [email protected], I can always be reached directly at [email protected]. We believe that the problems we were experiencing this week have been fully resolved.

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