Keep your passwords handy with the myIDkey

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If you are anything like me, (and you should be in this case) you have many different passwords for many different websites. My husband has three pages of passwords in a notebook for all of his accounts. So, when I was browsing Kickstarter, I was pretty stoked about seeing the myIDkey by Arkami, Inc. My first thought was how annoying it is when I log into another computer and no longer have my passwords saved, and how I have to struggle to figure out what a long ago used password is.

Using fingerprint identification, you can unlock the myIDkey and then speak into its microphone to search for the password you want. The password then is displayed on the screen. To manage your passwords you can either plug the myIDkey directly into the computer via USB, or connect with Bluetooth. What happens if it gets stolen? Multiple failed attempts to unlock the device results in the deleting of all passwords stored, keeping them safe. If you need to retrieve your list of passwords you can easily restore all passwords from the Cloud or your PC.

For $99 you can reserve your own on Kickstarter and they are estimated to be delivered in April. Would you trust your passwords to a device like this or stay with your current method of password storage?

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9 thoughts on “Keep your passwords handy with the myIDkey”

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  2. I wouldn’t trust this device until it’s been out for at least a year and others can report on how secure it is.

    However, given the difficulty I had gaining access to a laptop that was protected with fingerprint identification, I wonder how easy it will be to open the device.

    I use 1Password stored on my iPhone which I think is pretty secure.

  3. I’ve had no problems with my fingerprint identification on my laptop, which is why this caught my eye more. Though I do agree with your comment about seeing how secure it is before purchasing.

    I’ll have to check out that app though. I’ve never heard of it. 🙂

  4. For me, it’s more a matter of hauling around another USB key for this sort of thing. I’m with @Sandee on this one- mSecure and RoboForm on my iPhone works good for my situation.

  5. I used SpashID for Many Many years. From Treo forward. I switched to mSecure after I upgraded to android. SplashID was so far from baked (not sure if it’s same now) I had to find another alternative. mSecure won. This is a cool idea, but I already always have my phone on me

  6. “…how annoying it is when I log into another computer and no longer have my passwords saved…”

    1Password has a web-based front end which you can use to access your 1Password file stored in DropBox. That is handy for when you are logged into a computer which isn’t your own.

  7. IronKey has been doing this better and far more securely for YEARS and was developed for the military, actually self destructs the DEVICE, not just erases, is 100% tamper proof, and is an indistructable drive not a cheap plastic one. Biometrics (finger print) sounds great but in application is horrible. You can achieve better security than this with a service like lastpass and a one time password device like a yubikey for the same money, and is more secure. And the IronKey route has the option to NOT store in the cloud, or store encrypted in a way that ONLY you can access. First hand experience, even the US secret service can’t break into an IronKey…

  8. Any update as to when this will be available? I placed an order back in April but not heard anymore. The blog doesnt seem to have been updated in almost 2 months. Vaporware?

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