The QuiqLiteX has more versatility than the standard pocket light

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There are a boatload of flashlights on the market these days, so to get my attention, a flashlight needs to be a little different, a little unique, and a lot cool. The QuiqLiteX from Quiqlite has piqued my curiosity in all three of those categories. The QuiqliteX is a USB rechargeable, dual-LED, hands-free light source designed to be clipped to a shirt pocket or anywhere else that you would need it. Although marketed mainly towards law enforcement, first responders and emergency aid workers, the QuiqLiteX would be a great addition to anyone’s gear bag. The QuiqLiteX comes in 3 models: dual white LEDs, red/white LEDs, or a blue/white LEDs. QuiqLiteX has output ranges from 20 all the way up to 150 lumens, depending on the model. Not only does the QuiqLiteX have 2 light output levels, but it also has an emergency strobe feature that will flash for up to 5 hours on a charge.

The QuiqLiteX comes with a clip and a micro USB charging cable.  It’s $36.95 at the QuiqLite website.

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4 thoughts on “The QuiqLiteX has more versatility than the standard pocket light”

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  2. This is TRULY an amazing little light and fantastic for the money and the recharging feature. And the darn thing is bright.

    I have a major problem with it, and that’s the micro USB connector. It went astray from day one and barely makes any contact – you have to really fiddle with the cable until you catch the “right” position where it charges the light. Please note that I’m careful with my gear and did not force the cable or anything. It’s bearable at home with the wall charger, not so much in a vehicle that moves, connected to the vehicle’s computer USB.

    All my e-mails inquiring about warranty remained unanswered – granted, I bought the light through a third party in Canada. The folks at QuiqLite answered my inquiry about a lost user manual, but stayed mum about any replacement or repair policy.

    Other than that, the light was designed to fit the pen insert of a standard LEO shirt (when the additional clip is removed) and I absolutely love this.

    I’m likely to buy another one – for the price, it’s worth seeing if I got a defective unit or they’re all the same.

  3. I don’t know, I think in an emergency, batteries would be more reliable to pop in rather than rely on a live power source.

  4. @Jason Coming from a LE background, for a work light I think this product would be great. I also think for a daily use light, especially for traveling it could be very useful. As an emergency light I might tend to agree with you, as a power source may not be readily available. Thanks for your input

    @andix I would hope they would stand behind the product seeing as it is marketed to the LE community. Thanks for the feedback and information.

  5. @Larry – I am currently a LE and mentioned that in the e-mail I sent them. Actually two e-mails.

    @Jason: I had a Pelican clip light before. I was expecting the two CR2032 batteries to last me more than a couple weeks. Didn’t happen. I saved about three times the QuiqLite value in batteries using this little guy daily and recharging it.
    Also the red LED on this thing is so precious when tracking vehicles at night and writing notes at the same time – preserves night vision. You don’t realize it until you have it but it’s a fantastic feature. Neither Pelican or other company offer this convenience in such a small package AND handsfree.

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