Orb Audio is practically giving away Mini-T amplifiers when you purchase a it with a pair of Mod 1 speakers


We’ve reviewed Orb Audio speakers and amps a few times here at The Gadgeteer.  If you’d like a refresher of Orb’s great designs and quality, check out Julie’s review of their speakers, and my reviews of their Booster and Mini-T amps.  Orb Audio has just released their 2013 Mini-T amplifier, and they’re making a special offer to their Facebook friends.  If you would like to experience this quality for yourself and you’re in the market for a compact system to use with your computer or TV (or as the basis for building your own bigger system), Orb Audio is offering a $60 discount on the purchase of a Mini-T amplifier and a pair of Mod 1 speakers.  Prices for the Mini-T Amplifier and Speaker Package starts at $299 for your choice of black or white speakers.  Go to Orb’s Facebook page to learn how you can qualify for a $60 discount on this package – it’s like getting the Mini-T for free.  It’s a very limited time offer, so you’d better hurry.

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  • Michael February 1, 2013, 2:42 pm

    Thank you! I missed this offer by one day (it ended Thursday), but I called them up and they gave me the free Mini-T anyway. They also suggested picking up the slight seconds from their outlet, so I saved even more.

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