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I love riding bikes. I rode bikes as a kid, like everyone else, but I started again as an adult when I hit my mid-50s and health problems started rising. I quickly became addicted. Due to global climate change and the push-back against car-dominated design, there’s a new interest in bicycling all over the country and, indeed, the world right now. Even car companies have reported lower percentages of those in younger age groups getting driver’s licenses and cars. Cities are starting to introduce more bike-friendly designs: bike lanes, greenways, and places to secure bikes. For these reasons (and perhaps because its just plain fun!), the modern reason for cycling has become as much entertainment as it is utilitarian.

Sharing where you ride and finding new places to bike is a constant subject of conversation among those who bike regularly. We pull out smart phones, show rail-trails, maps, photos of trips, the works. So why not use this as a basis for a social network? That’s just what the indiegogo project called Lovetrack has done. 

I can’t say much for the name, but the video on their concept is amazing. With the Lovetrack app (for iOS 5.0+, 6.0+ and Android 2.2+ operating systems), you can track your rides, add photos, share with friends, see what your buddies are up to, and discover publicly shared rides in new places.

They’ve been in testing for a while and have maxed out their personal credit, and so just need a bit more to complete design and testing and make a formal launch. I will personally contribute, because I’ve wanted just this service for quite a while. I’ll just have to make sure my wife knows what it is before the card statement comes in!  For a $25 pledge, you can get early access to the app and a case for  iPhone (4/4S or 5) or Samsung Galaxy (S2 or S3) embossed with the Lovetrack name.  Funding ends February 11, and they have a long way to go to meet their goal.

Maybe there could be a higher level of contribution, and they’d let you suggest a new name…?

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