Kanex DoubleUP USB charger can charge two iPads at once

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kanex doubleup usb chargerIf your household is like mine, you have a lot of USB-chargeable devices that require a lot of chargers.  And like me, you’re probably running out of places to plug them up.  Kanex can take care of charging up to two devices, even two tablets, at once with their DoubleUp USB charger for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.  Although it has a feature that works only with iOS devices, the charger should work with any USB-chargeable devices.  The DoubleUp has two USB jacks that provide 2.1A each; the device can output up to 21W.  That’s plenty of power to charge even two tablets simultaneously.  Because you provide your own cables, you don’t need to worry about obsolescence.  If you’re charging an iOS device, there are two LED status lights that let you know when your device is reaching full capacity; the light turns green when an iPhone reaches 90% or an iPad reaches 98% charge.

The DoubleUp is $49.99, and it’s available in black or white.  It’s available for purchase now at Kanex.

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