Julie’s Gadget Diary – Meet My New Best Friend

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Ok gadget pals, I put my money where my mouth is and stopped by my local Verizon store after work today. It’s crazy how busy this store is. I think it gets more action than the Best Buy store a few yards away. I had narrowed my choices down to the HTC Droid Incredible 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S III. The Google Nexus had also been on my list, but I remembered it lacked a microSD slot, so that knocked it off the list. I already pretty much knew which phone I was going to pick, but since it had been a few weeks since I had the HTC or Samsung in my hands, I wanted to check them out one more time just to be sure. Click through if you want to see which phone I now have in my hot little hand.


Yes, I went with the Samsung Galaxy S III. I was going to get the White one, but they only had the 32GB version in Blue, so I was fine with that. I also ditched my unlimited plan for the share everything plan, which has me saving $10 a month once I get my 4G iPad switched over. They weren’t able to do that without knowing the iPad’s MEID number, so I will have to take in next week.

Things I will miss by not using the iPhone:

1. iMessaging with Dave Rees
2. … I can’t think of another reason yet. 🙂

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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  2. I appreciate it if you report back after a few days. I own an iPhone 4 and thinking about going to the Galaxy (S3 or Nexus) in October, when my contract expires.

  3. Yay! I’m very happy with my S3, but I got mine from Verizon online. I really hate Verizon retail stores.

    My RAM universal phone mount didn’t work well with the S3, but the X-grip mount I got recently is very secure without interfering with the side buttons (or even pushing them as my older RAM mount did if I secured it too tight for off-road driving).


    I like the Elago Breathe case in Jeans Indigo for daily protection, and the Sedio Active case with kickstand for protection on camping trips. The Sedio royal blue is nice, with a pearlescent rubberized blue shell over black rubber bumper protection.

  4. I bought the same phone a month ago. I had been using the Iphone 4. I can tell you that I am going back to the iPhone. I have come to the realization that FOR ME, android just doesn’t work as well as IOS. My Galaxy SIII just isnt as smooth when using the touch screen as the iPhone. Touch Wiz often hangs and stops working. I have played this dance (switch from ios to android) a few times and every single time after a month or so I go back to iOS. I wish you luck but for me, Im done with android. Im going back to my IP4.

  5. I agree with you Greg. My brother has the Galaxy phone and I have used it extensively. I do not own a MAC and never have and I am not an Apple devote; however, I can appreciate the details that Apple has designed in every aspect of their phone’s (and iPad’s) operating system. Sure the Galaxy (and other phones) may have more bells and whistles but having used both operating systems for a long period of time, iOS is clearly the leader. Anyway, this debate is very old and is as complicated as discussing politics. To each their own is what I say. Enjoy your new phone Julie!!!!

    1. @Steve that’s the plan, to enjoy the phone till I don’t any longer. Then I’ll try a different phone. I really don’t get all wrapped up in the brand drama thing. I like what I like when I like it. Nuff said 🙂

  6. Welcome to the open (if slightly rough around the edges) world. After the new phone smell has worn off and you’re ready to explore further, check out the Pocketable’s guides to Tasker.

  7. Congrats on the android… i think the S3 was a better choice between the 2 but I prefer HTC better but the Incredible 4G specs are good but not great. besides sense 4.0 and ICS out of the box, my htc rezound is still the top HTC phone for VZW. I tried the samsung and personally the UI is too much and complex. I dont know why Samsung seems to get all the hype. But any Android is better than iPhone

  8. I am going to the iPhone. Four years ago, I preferred my Palm Centro and my iPod Touch combo to the app-store-less, no copy/paste really basic iPhone. Then I went to Android: Fun to tweek, just like Palm, but then I realize I am spending a lot of time trying to get the thing to work like I want it vs. just working smoothly, easilly, reliably, long battery life, fast recharge, works with my Stowaway BT keyboard (which today ONLY iPhone does) and nicely in the car.

    Today, iPhone is grown up. I don’t need all the flexibility that Android has at the expense of risking not getting the latest OS and/or it not working very fluidly 9 months from now. I just need a good phone, media player, easy connectivity and just works. And today that is going to be iPhone. I will keep my Epic 4G around to ‘experiment’ with Android and will be my WiFi baby.

    And I am going to leave Sprint after 10 years (14 if you count the Nextel days before) for speed and reliability (haven’t decided between AT&T or Verizon). What is the use of saving $10-$15 a month for a slow service that you cannot really use the browser or streaming very well. Life is short…make the most of it. Can’t take the little money with you. iPhone5 for the next 2 years. Palm and Android are not as dedicated as Apple in my view.

  9. Hi,
    I like you change my mind frequently and switched from Iphone 4S 64GB to the Galaxy S3 about 3 months ago with an unlocked international version. I love the flexibility of android and thought that with S3 I would not miss my iPhone. I was wrong and preordered the iPhone 5 today. Apple is just integrated and everything works together. Siri can control most things if you chose. SVoice and Assistant were nice but can’t control everything, it is like always opening a second App. I love droid but I miss the integration, especially when it is linked in my car.
    I think you should have waited, upgraded to the ISO 6 and then made a decision. But what is the fun in that :). Enjoy

  10. I have had my Nexus S for 2 years and have yet to have it lock up. Lots of apps installed as well. I have no desire to switch as there is nothing that an iPhone can do that I cannot already do on my Nexus….including insert a micro SD card ;-((

    Welcome to the Android club.

  11. I will get an iPhone 5 when the crowds are gone, probably at year’s end. The thing that seals the deal for me is Apple’s infrastructure. Since My family has 5 iPods, 4 Macs (10 since 1989 and have NEVER used Windows), 3 iPhones and one Apple TV, I guess you could say we are locked in, or trapped! Apple has been smart in building its Trojan Horse – the iPod – which led to iTunes and other connected products.

  12. Good luck with your S III I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it. The strongest point for the Iphone has been the number of apps available for it but Android is catching up and will pass it in time.

    I’ve had a Note since March and love it, can’t do without it. I’m waiting for Oct 21st and will get a Note 2 (if I can afford it). The thought of having a quad Note with 64 gigs is just too much for me to resist. 🙂

    1. @Gene so far I’m really liking this phone. I took a look at the new Lg intuition yesterday at Verizon and it’s pretty cool I guess it’s their answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note

  13. @Julie

    Looks like a great decision on your part. Use your new smartphone in the best of health.

    @Bill. We just bought the AppleTV. Maybe you could write a review of the various content services offered via AppleTV and how to best utilize them. I’m always looking for reliable info on my new toys.

  14. Wooohoo, welcome to the Samsung S3 family….you wont be disappointed. Let us know what you think after you have had a chance to play with it.


    1. @David Brown Loving it so far. I find I am using voice input more than I did on the iPhone. I like that it types in what you’ve said without having to press the done button.

  15. I use the motion more than anything not so much into the voice input but that just because there are always people around and I don’t want them knowing what I am doing….

    If you find some cool accessories let us know that is one thing Apple has over any others….it would be nice seeing as S3 sold just as much as the predicted sales of the new A5.

    Have a great day and thanks again for the great job you do….a few of us wait for our email to see what you have reviewed, the tape to iphone gadget is really cool.

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