Rockpool Designs Can Corral Your Cables

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The cables for all your devices can make the back of your desk look like a nest of snakes, making it difficult to see what cable goes to what device.  It’s even worse when you have a laptop, because the cables for power and peripherals can fall back into the mess when you unplug them to take your laptop with you.  Rockpool Designs has some nifty little accessories that can tame the snakes and keep your laptop’s cables right where you need them.  The CableStrip is featured in the large picture.  (Click for a bigger view.)  The CableStrip has five openings, each capable of holding more than one cable, that attaches to your desk to keep cables straight and keep them from slipping away.  You get two CableStrips for $9.99.  Bottom left shows the CableGrip, each holds two cables.  You’ll get 6 for $9.99.  The CableSnap is shown at the bottom middle.  They hold your cables securely, but easily pop open when you want to take the cable with you or when the cable is accidentally tugged on.  You’ll get 5 CableSnaps in a package for $9.99.  All these cable-control accessories are available at Rockpool Designs or at Amazon.

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  2. An important question is HOW do these accessories attach to your desk? Do they use an adhesive, magnetic, suction or other technology to secure the cable management devises to your furniture?


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