The Joy Factory Monet Stylus Review

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My quest for the best stylus continues as I keep finding new ones that look interesting enough to try. The latest one to glide across my iPad is the Monet stylus from The Joy Factory. Available in Green, Pink or Black, this stylus looks more like a drumstick than a capacitive stylus. Let’s take it for a doodle and see if its unique shape is an upgrade to otherwise ordinary styluses.

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Made of anodized aluminum with a smooth satin finish, the almost 7 inch long Monet stylus is longer and more slender than most.

Here’s a comparison shot with the Monet on the Left, a Targus stylus in the center and an Adonit Jot Pro on the right.

The Monet’s claim to fame is its unique shape that provides a comfortable weight and balance. This stylus also features a black hollow rubber tip that feels like the same tip used on less expensive styluses. However, this tip is different because it can provide a 165 degree writing angle. That means that you can practically write with it parallel to the screen.

Here is a quick video so you can see it in action:

I’m not sure why a person would really need this ability, but having a greater writing angle is definitely not a bad thing.

After using the Monet stylus for a few days, I have slightly mixed feelings about it. I like the feel of it as far as weight and balance, and I’ve come to appreciate the greater writing angle. But the tip has the same issue that other rubber tipped styluses suffer from… it’s too large and gets in the way of what you’re drawing when you’re trying to do really detailed work. For less detailed work, it’s great though. I’d really like to hear from some iPad/tablet artists to find out what their favorite styluses are.


Product Information

Manufacturer:The Joy Factory
  • Nice weight and balance
  • Tip allows for 165 degree writing angle
  • Tip is large and gets in the way

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  2. How accurate is it when holding it almost parallel to the screen? I like to draw the way I was taught using charcoal, using an overhand position (imagine taking a cigarette from your mouth and twisting your wrist so you’re drawing with the filter end) and am curious if this stylus works well in that position?


  3. I’m using mine with Procreate and couldn’t be happier. Quite solid, and feels balanced. The kind of tool you can have serious fun with!

  4. Why would you want that flat angle ability? Not for writing, maybe, but for drawing, where you make many repetitive strokes back and forth Ina small area, it’s a more natural, comfortable hold.

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