Sun UV Protector App…When it’s Time to Come in out of the Sun

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Aratos Technologies wants to tell you when to come in out of the sun, and with the Sun UV Protector App for iPhones,  it won’t be hard to do.

The UV factor in Las Vegas isn’t the same UV factor in Seattle.  And it’s hard to always know the right protection to use.  The Sun UV Protector tells what your UV index is, how long you should stay out in it, what level of sunscreen to use and when to reapply it.  Essentially, it’s a pretty cool idea.  It’s 99 cents from the Apple App Store and currently only available as an iPhone app.

I haven’t tried it out yet because I don’t have an iPhone but I think it’s a cool idea.  You can use it on vacation, use to gauge how long you want your kids outside, how long you want to garden outside and what level of sunscreen you should take along to the beach, outdoor sporting events, picnics, or what have you.  I’m not a tanner or sun worshipper.  I’m a rain baby, and I dislike it when my skin tans so this would be a cool app for me .  Since it’s iPad-compatible as well… looks like I’ve got 99 cents burning a hole in my pocket.

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