Just don’t call it a Lightsaber

Fellow Star Wars fangirls/boys, we are one step closer to finally getting ourselves an actual lightsaber!  Wicked Lasers has given us the very first “lasersaber” (cough, lightsaber, cough).  The saber attachment  is compatible and fits around  any of their Spyder-3 model lasers.  It’s comprised of an aircraft-grade aluminum hilt and 32″ polycarbonate blade.  When the saber is powered on, the laser’s light is diffused and distributed evenly across the blade.  The power on/power off effect is gorgeous, if the video demo is any indication.  The power of the laser light is great enough for it to be seen pulsing and glowing even in direct sunlight.

Lucasfilm is not affiliated with these, hence the lasersaber name–and the lack of any sound effects.  And as the site repeatedly warns, lasersabers are not meant for sparring and protective eyewear must always be worn while the saber is in use.

The lasersaber grip and blade cost $99.95, but does not include the Spyder-3 laser.  If purchased together, the entire unit ranges from $389.90 to $1069.90 through Wicked Lasers.

And as always. . .may the Force be with you.

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  • Andy Jacobs May 7, 2012, 9:31 am

    “I see you have constructed a new lasersaber. Your skills are complete.”

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