Never Drop Your Cell Phone Again with Feinger

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The Feinger system consists of an mount attachment for the back of your phone and a finger sleeve to attach the phone to your hand.  The neoprene finger sleeve is available in sizes to fit fingers of most sizes.  The mount has an adhesive pad that attaches to your phone or small, handheld device.  Snap the finger sleeve into the mount, and your phone will be securely held to your hand.  You’ll also get a keychain mount to store your finger sleeve when you aren’t using it with your phone, and you’ll get a unimount that you can use to attach the phone to your car dash, a wall, or other similar surface.  The Feinger is available for pre-order for $14.95.  You can purchase accessories, like lanyards to extend the usefulness of the Feinger system.

8 thoughts on “Never Drop Your Cell Phone Again with Feinger”

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  2. Interesting idea however I have 3 comments.

    1. Did the intro music flash any else back to the late 80’s early 90’s? Did anyone else have flashbacks of neon green and orange clothing? and scrunchies?
    2. Who uses their phone will standing at a toilet? Who wants to hear that? You don’t have enough hands to start with to properly handle the equipment in use to avoid “issues”
    3. Next time I’m rock climbing and need to wear my phone like a giant decoder ring, I’ll get this product. Your hanging on the side of a rock face, one wrong move and I’m plummeting to my death, OH it’s my turn on Draw something. Ohh my word is “gravity” How can I draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………………………..Splat

  3. The music and the visuals are so over-the-top that I honestly thought this was a joke product. Something out of SNL.

    But I do have a friend who was bending over his toilet (perhaps to flush it) and his iPhone fell out of his shirt pocket right into the bowl. Fortunately home owners insurance covered cost of the replacement.

    But I don’t think the Feinger (horrible name) would have stopped that from happening.

  4. I’d suggest just using some duct tape. Wrap it around the phone and your head and you’re set for quite some time. If you do it properly you won’t need a headset.

  5. Wow…. The Lanyard is perfect for sporting events and the Feinger is a commuter’s dream product. I will be getting one. Fosho

    1. @JustDude Ummm…. if you’re going to try to be anonymous and post a fake positive comment, you shouldn’t use your real name (Cole Keesling) in your email address. Especially when you list that name as the co-founder of Feinger on your About Us page of your site.
      Just sayin…

  6. So, the first snatch thief that comes along will not only get your phone, but possibly break your finger and take your finger with him. No thanks. A thief can have my phone but I prefer to keep all my body parts.

  7. But I am gettIng one as soon as they get here!! 🙂 we don’t have our branded lanyards in our hands yet. Chrizzzz Just so you know the Feinger releases with 9.2-10 lbs of pressure. We designed it so the user would not be “tethered” to his or her phone permently incase of unfortunate accidents.

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