Case-Mate Ultra-Slim Tuxedo Case for the new iPad

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The one thing I don’t like about Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad is that the magnets in the hinge sometimes let go of the iPad.  One of the things I don’t like about most folio style cases is the frame that completely obscures the bezel of my iPad.  Not only does the frame obscure the nice white bezel, sometimes it can interfere with using the touchscreen.  Case-Mate has a new folio-style cover that eliminates both those issues.  The front of the Ultra-Slim Textured Tuxedo Case is a Smart Cover-style cover with magnets to sleep/wake the iPad.  There’s no frame for the iPad; instead, you attach the back of the Tuxedo Cover to the iPad with the built-in, reuseable Magic Tape.  (Removable without leaving sticky residue behind.)  The Tuxedo has a soft-touch, textured exterior and a microfiber interior.  It’s available in gray, black, orange, hot pink, and turquoise blue for $60.

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  2. I actually purchased this case (in orange) and received it last week. I’m pretty pleased with it.

    I originally bought the Apple Smart Cover, but was disappointed with it for a number of reasons:
    1. The cover comes off to easily. The magnet hinges do an adequate job of holding it on, but if you grip it for any reason, it pulls off the iPad.
    2. The iPad is very slick, so having something to grip (like a folded cover) is helpful to me. Couldn’t do this (see #1).
    3. I wanted something to cover the back, due to the iPad’s slickness, and the Smart Cover only covers the front.
    4. The edges of the iPad are very thin and, frankly, bother my hands, so I wanted something to pad out the grip, which the Smart Cover can’t do, but the Case-Mate can.

    I looked at 1/2 dozen cases, and this one seemed to match my criteria:
    1. Needs to be thin. It is. It doesn’t bulk up the iPad.
    2. Needs to help with slickness. The Case-Mate has a nicely textured front and back which aids in gripping and when the cover is folded back, I can use it for a handle.
    3. Wanted the smart activation to work. Reading online, a number of cases recently released don’t perform this function correctly for the new iPad (iPad 3).
    4. Need to attach in an unobtrusive fashion. Now, I know this will be a subject of controversy, but I find the reusable, sticky tape that adheres the back of the iPad to the back of the case works very well. It holds well, and the iPad can be easily removed if needed without leaving “gunk” on the back of the ipad.
    5. Easy access to ports and buttons. Just about as easy on the Case-Mate as the naked iPad.
    6. Must be attractive or at least not ugly. For my original iPad, I had the original black case, which worked very well and was only moderately unattractive. Honestly, if I could have found the same thing for my new iPad, I’d probably have purchased that instead (I really liked the ergonomics of it). However, this case is far more attractive (damning with faint praise. It is attractive.) and provides an open expanse for the entire screen and bezel, which is nice.

    What I don’t like (which is really too harsh…more like ambivalent):
    1. Cover leaves smudges on the screen of the iPad with the texture of the case. I wonder if this will go away with time. It’s annoying, because it forces me to wipe it more frequently than my wont. I suspect the Smart Cover would have the same affect, though.
    2.Free standing vertically in portrait mode. With my original iPad and black Apple case, the iPad was pretty stable standing in portrait mode on a surface. It a very much more tentative affair with my Case-Mate (similar, if not worse with Apple’s Smart Cover). To be fair, it does seem MORE stable, though, standing in landscape mode.

    Overall: Really nicely designed case. Protects well. Helps make the iPad more usable, and is attractive. Light. I recommend it.

  3. Update on my previous review.

    After about two weeks of use, I’m a bit more ambivalent on the cover. I’ve found four key problems that frustrate me.

    One problem is that the magnets that hold it closed are pretty weak. I’ve compared them to the Apple smart cover I bought, and it is no weaker than that, so I guess it’s a general problem. I find, if turned upside down, the cover opens and in bags the cover can open too.

    The second issue is that in landscape mode stand position, it topples back very easily. Unlike my old original iPad Apple case, it is very unsteady in landscape stand position.

    Third, unlike a back cover that inserts into a tab for ‘keyboard’ position, the cover wedge (same with the Smart Cover) is freely floating except where it attaches to the back of the case, so it moves around and can slip out from under it. Plus, the elevation is a bit too low.

    Finally, the cover leaves smudges on the screen which must be cleaned too regularly.

    If you like the Smart Cover and want something with a bit more protection, I’d recommend it. Otherwise, I’d pass on by.

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