Go Head-to-Head With Your Cat with Friskies Latest iPad App

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We told you about some iPad games your cat could play, now Friskies is introducing a game you can play with your kitty.  With the Friskies You vs. Cat iPad app, you flick the on-screen playing piece toward the goal.  If Kitty catches it, she scores 10 points; if it goes in the goal, you score 10 points.  First one to score 50 points wins the game, and the game score is added to the World-Wide Leaderboard.  The point of the game isn’t to dominate your cat or get them overly excited, but to encourage gentle interaction.  Friskies reminds you, too, that the iPad’s glass screen should hold up to claws, but a plastic screen protector won’t.  You Vs. Cat is free in the iTunes App Store.  Go to the Friskies You vs. Cat website to learn more and to see the Leaderboard update.

3 thoughts on “Go Head-to-Head With Your Cat with Friskies Latest iPad App”

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  2. I’ll spend $10 on a laser to have fun with a cat — but I’m not sure I’d let a cat (claws and all) have a go at a ~$500+ ipad. Or maybe this is for the cat belonging to Thurston Howell III?

  3. Yeah, one of our Boys weighs in at a good 20lbs (he’s actually *down* from almost 23lbs!) so I don’t think I’ll risk him standing on the iPad any time soon. Maybe I can borrow a nice, tiny kitten from somebody.

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