Futulele – Ukulele for iPad or iPhone

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I’m not sure how big the market’s going to be for this product.  I mean what’s the criteria?

  • A Gadgeteer
  • Love your iPad or iPhone
  • Love Ukelele

Surely that’s a small market , what are the chances ? 🙂

From Amidio comes the Futulele, an upcoming Ukulele synthesizer for iOS. With a special case that holds either an iPad or an iPhone and using  Bluetooth connectivity, you can strum to your hearts content. Each song can have up to 12 chords in it, and chord sets can be changed on the fly.   Amidio is currently looking for manufacturers to assist in producing the Futulele cases, preferably with embedded speakers.

Expected to be released in early April and should be optimised for the Ipad 3.

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