SCOTTEVEST Chloe Hoodie Review

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It’s been several years since we featured a SCOTTEVEST product here on The Gadgeteer and I’m happy to say that in the time since we last took a look at their tech clothing, they’ve added some women’s garments to their line up. I’ve been excited to try them out, so they sent me their Chloe Hoodie to review…

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The Chloe Hoodie is made of machine washable 100% Poly Microfleece and is available in two colors: Magic and Kiss. Magic is Black with a Black lining and Kiss is Gray with a Pink lining. The Chloe comes in 6 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. They sent me the Kiss in Medium.

sev chloe 2

This jacket is super comfy and warm. It very soft and has nice deep hand pockets which are lined with plush fleece. The hood is also lined with plush fleece. It really keeps your head warm which is great for me since my hair is still growing back. I love that their Infinity zipper actually wraps around the hood, so that you don’t need drawstrings to cinch it tight around your face. You can just pull the zipper higher as needed.

No one will mistake this as a men’s jacket. It has flattering princess seams and some nice fashion elements to keep it feminine.

sev chloe 4

The cuffs can be worn turned up like you see here, to expose the plush fleece lining.

sev chloe 5

Or you can turn the cuffs down and take advantage of thumb holes to keep your hands warm.

sev chloe 6

All the zippers offer a nice metal pull tab like you see above.

SCOTTEVEST is well known for including lots of pockets in their garments so that your jacket essentially becomes your gear bag. The Chloe offers 14 different pockets. Let take the tour…

sev chloe 7

First of all, I’d like to mention that the branding on this jacket is pretty minimal. There’s the label on the interior that you see here and an embroidered logo along the waist band that is pictured later in the review.

Here we see the hood. You’ll notice two small white loops. These hold your earbuds.

sev chloe 17

The back of the hood has a PAN (Personal Area Network), which is geek speak for a special conduit that you can use to route wires like your earbud cables. In the image above, I have my iPhone’s earbuds routed behind my neck through the hood’s lining. Special BudBuckets on either side hold the earbuds when they are not in your ears. The PAN is really handy because you can have your iPhone in one zippered pocket, but still attached to your earbuds.

sev chloe 9

Ok let’s check out the rest of the pockets. When you unzip the jacket, you’ll find a set of satin pockets on each side. I was really happy to see that they include little cloth labels with icons to help you remember what each pocket is meant to hold.

From the top, you’ll find a budbucket for an earbud.

sev chloe 10

Below the budbucket it is a pen slot that is shown here with my Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Ink pen. This slot will also work well for a stylus or pencil.

sev chloe 11

In the breast area is a vertically zippered pocket that is designed to hold your phone or audio player. A special opening in the roof of that pocket allows you to route earbud wires to the stored device.

sev chloe 12

Below the phone pocket is a zippered pocket designed to hold your sunglasses. There’s even a glasses cleaning cloth attached to an elastic cord which is sewn into the pocket.

sev chloe 13

The bottom pocket is designed to hold your camera. Inside that pocket is a small Velcro pouch that can hold SD cards.

sev chloe 8

On the opposite side, you’ll find a budbucket at the top, with another pen pocket below it. Next in line are two large zippered pockets. The largest is big enough to hold a Kindle sized device and the other works great for storing your passport or a small notebook.

sev chloe 14

The exterior zippered hand pockets hide a few goodies too. The right one has an extendable / removable key holder. Also in that pocket but not pictured is a lipstick / chapstick holder. The pocket is held closed with Velcro that is pretty strong. I’m a little worried that over time, pulling on the Velcro tab may cause the satin lining to tear.

You’ll notice the embroidered SCOTTEVEST branding below the pocket.

sev chloe 15

In the other hand pocket, is a small change pocket which is also held closed with Velcro. Like I mentioned before, the Velcro is pretty strong, so it’s not the easiest task to pull the little pocket open with just the fingers of your hand in the pocket. If it were up to me, I’d like to see magnets used to keep these tiny pockets closed.

So what can you carry around in the Chloe? Let’s see…

sev chloe 16

Here is a selection of gear that I would normally carry in a bag. Included is a Field Note notebook, Pilot FriXion Pen, Kindle Fire, Canon camera, extra SD card, iPhone 4S, Carmex lip balm, Waterfield wallet and iPhone earbuds.

sev chloe 1

Here I am with all that gear stowed in the jacket. I love that each item has its own pocket so that everything isn’t crammed in the hand pockets. With the Chloe, I can carry all the items and still be able to put my hands in my pockets to keep them warm.

I also like that the weight of the gear distributes itself evenly so that walking around is comfortable. The only item that doesn’t feel that comfortable to leave in the jacket is the Kindle Fire. But it really only feels bulky when I’m sitting.

Of all the SCOTTEVEST products that I’ve reviewed over the years, I’d have to say that the Chloe Hoodie is my new all time favorite. The ability to easily carry my essential gear makes it a great alternative to carrying a bag. The fact that it’s so cozy I could sleep in it doesn’t hurt either.


Product Information

  • 14 pockets
  • PAN
  • Warm
  • Stylish
  • Tiny Velcro pockets are hard to open with one hand

15 thoughts on “SCOTTEVEST Chloe Hoodie Review”

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  2. Julie,
    My original ScotteVest had these velcro tabs holding the PAN wiring in place at the neck. I hate that because it scratches my neck all the time, no matter how I try to close the velcro.

    Have they changed that in their newer stuff?

  3. Like the fact that it’ll hold a 7″ tab or a Kindle. Doesn’t seem to be a mens hoodie equivalent though that holds these size items 🙁

  4. Looks like a great product, I will look into the mens line to see what they have.
    By the way what are you using in the picture of all your gear to keep your earbud cable tidy?

  5. I own a ScottVest 5.0 fleece and it is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever owned. So poorly made, that I went throught the time and trouble of coommunicating my imprssions to the company in a very detailed letter. My response was a standard “Sorry to hear about your disappointment”. The material is thin, flimsy, stretches out with any smallest item you may put in one of it’s pockets and after several wearings in stretched out to the point of being a crumpled pile of material I only wear for yard work.I can only imagine what it would look like had I even begun to use it for some of it’s intended storage purposes like a Kindle or IPad etc.Very,very, poor product-at least my particular 5.0
    Waste of money.

  6. @Bob No, I’ve not noticed it stretching out of shape at all. The pockets are mostly a silk-like material that can’t actually stretch easily. I don’t keep it loaded down all the time/ever though. Just the normal pocket gear: wallet, keys, phone, chapstick, some kleenex, gum, a pen, Field Notes or Moleskine Cahier notebook.

  7. Is there a clothier that provides something similar to the scottevest, but minus the high price and patents. I saw the CEO on Shark Tank and don’t want to route his company any $. However, I do want a vest that can hold all my electronics.

    1. @Chuck There are other brands of clothing that have some built in earphones and iPod controls, but I’ve not seen any other tech clothing that has everything SCOTTEVEST has to offer.

  8. Thank you for this detailed and helpful review. I am going to have spine surgery soon which will require that I be hospitalized and in rehab for a lengthy period of time. I want something warm (hospitals are very cold) that I can wear in bed and also have my essential items easily within my reach without having to buzz for assistance (phone, tablet, chapstick, writing materials, tissues, and yes, even sunglasses which I discovered I needed badly in the bright hospital room when I stayed overnight last month). This will be perfect, and I will also use it when I am able to travel once again with my repaired spine.

  9. Thank you. It is scary, but with the promise of a much less painful future life. And at least I’ll be cozy now! And it is your review that finally sold me. I hope the SVE folks see that.

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