Pure Drinking Water Anywhere with the Camelbak All Clear UV Water Bottle

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The All Clear water bottle from Camelbak has a UV light in the cap that purifies water in 60 seconds.  You simply fill the bottle from a stream, tap, or spigot, replace the cap and turn on the UV light, and you’ll have safe drinking water in 60 seconds.  The All Clear utilizes proven UV technology to effectively neutralize microbiological contaminants.  The lamp is protected inside an impact and weather-resistant cap.  It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that can purify 80 cycles (or 16 gallons) of water between charges.  The bottle is $99.  Check the product page for online retailers.

6 thoughts on “Pure Drinking Water Anywhere with the Camelbak All Clear UV Water Bottle”

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  2. I’m sorry to be the one to bring this up (as usual), but isn’t this bottle just SLIGHTLY overpriced at $99? I mean, it’s just a plastic bottle with a light and a rechargeable battery, right? I would think this bottle would sell like (sterilized) wheat cakes if it were priced at, say, $49 or $59…

  3. Here you go Paul: http://www.steripen.com/-adventurer-opti-solar-charger 😉

    The prices on these are high in general: the light isn’t anything standard, and it has to be in a quartz-glass (IIRC) enclosure. So it’s expensive materials, in low-quanitity items. Still the SteriPen version with the bottle (and pre-filter, and carrying case…) is $80, not $100. Slightly more clunky to carry, in that it’s two pieces, but on the other hand you can purify water in nearly any container. And you don’t have to buy that model with the bottle.

  4. I’ve got one and it kicks ass! I didn’t like the Steripen products because for nearly the same money, that bulb thing is sticking out and can easily be crushed with my clumsiness.

    I travel to foreign 2nd/3rd world situations often enough that getting sick from drinking hotel/restaurant water is likely. It’s totally worth not getting sick for $100.

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