Charge Your Phone with Your Baby Stroller

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4Moms origami strollerOne of the hardest things about taking your young child with you when you do errands is dealing with the stroller.  The Origami Stroller from 4Moms opens and folds itself at the touch of a button, so you don’t have to fight with it yourself.  One of the wheels has a generator inside to keep the battery charged up; one short walk is enough to keep the battery charged, or you can charge it with AC power.  (You can also fold it manually).  It has safety features: seat sensor so it won’t fold when a child is in the seat, a 2-step fold process so you don’t start it accidentally, daytime “running lights” so other people see you, and pathway lights so you can see your way in dim lighting.  The generator even produces enough power to charge your cellphone (requires an optional accessory).  An LCD display shows you the status of the battery and even shows how far you’ve walked.  The Origami Stroller is $849.99, and optional color seats are $99.99 each; both are available now.  You can pre-order the cellphone carry bag and charger for $39.99 or the Graco car set adapter for $59.99.

8 thoughts on “Charge Your Phone with Your Baby Stroller”

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  2. Yikes — this is but the latest evidence that parenthood has been priced out of the reach of ordinary Americans. I’m glad my own parents are no longer around to see what has become of our deeply fractured and dysfunctional society…

  3. @jpdanzig It’s not like this stroller is required before one can be a parent. It’s also not the most expensive stroller; there are strollers that cost $3000-$5000 – and they only roll the kid around. There’s always been a market for high-end child-care devices.

    And I’d be thrilled if my own parents were still here so I could tell them about this stroller and hear my Dad tell me how he could make me one that would do more and cost less.

  4. Thank goodness they are out of the reach cost wise of the morons who don’t look where they are going or I could see someone being seriously injured by one of these things

  5. My first response was “daaaaamn!” Looks sleek, seems less bulky than most strollers, has lights powered by a built-in generator, and has an option to collapse the stroller mechanically—I’m not a parent, but I’ve seen many struggle with difficult & bulky strollers in busy parking lots.

    I just hope that there’s an indicator for when the seat sensor fails: a fail-safe for the fail-safe.

    I do agree that the name is unfortunate, because of the “moms” and the “4.” Chintzy and sexist. 😉 But “Origami” rocks.

    Thanks for posting, Janet, this may be a stroller out of many people’s financial means, but since when has that stopped gadget lovers? All we can do is hope for the day these products become cheaper, safer, and more accessible.

  6. Hmmm, it seems that most people see the name as “for moms”. The name is “four moms”, as in the number of moms who were in the focus group that helped with the design.

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