Print from Your iOS Device to Any Printer with Lantronix xPrintServer

The xPrintServer “leverages Lantronix‘ patented technologies, along with open industry standards to enable wireless printing to nearly any printer attached to a network.”  You won’t be limited to only certain models from certain manufacturers, and you won’t have to buy any apps on your iPhone or iPad to print.  You simply connect the Lantronix to the network with an Ethernet cable, and the xPrintServer will quickly find all the networked printers.  You’ll be able to print to most any printer directly from your device. No more sending the document by email or to the Cloud to get it to a device that can print it.  The Lantronix xPrintServer is available for pre-order for $149.95.  Shipping should start in less than a month.

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3 thoughts on “Print from Your iOS Device to Any Printer with Lantronix xPrintServer”

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  2. Hmm. It might be fine, but it’s lots cheaper to just use the Airprint tweak that does the same thing for free. I can’t see paying $150 for something that I can take 2 minutes to download a file, read it, and click once or twice and accomplish the same thing.

    For that matter, you can get an Airprint enabled printer for about $80, so unless you have a really good network printer, it would still be cheaper to buy an airprint printer.

    Nice idea, bad price point, IMO.

  3. This is great for corporate networks where you need those Ipad and iphones to print. Not really priced for teh home consumer. But for those that want to use it at work and IT pros it is a good idea.. Works well and is handy!!

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