When you’re too snookered to read an LCD

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talking breathalyzerDoes it make me weird if I’ve never been drunk and I’m 47 yrs old? 😉 I’ve just never seen the appeal of getting inebriated. But that’s just me. If you often find yourself a little tipsy and blurry eyed, you might want to order the Talking Breathalyzer. This device can be customized to play different audio files relative to your alcohol level. It’s open source so you can add your own MP3 sound bites. The creator stresses that this device is for entertainment purposes only because it does not display a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) reading. But it does have an alcohol sensor inside and reports your alcohol on a 1-10 level. Might be fun for parties if you don’t mind spending $199. How many beers can you buy for $199?

3 thoughts on “When you’re too snookered to read an LCD”

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  2. “Does it make me weird if I’ve never been drunk and I’m 47 yrs old?”

    I’m 44 and never been drunk. Hate the taste of alcohol. Have you, like me, found yourself the default designated driver over the years? I have many fond memories of driving friends home in various stages of “sick”… And mountain driving nauseated drunkards home can be bad for the Upholstery (flashback->shudders).

    I can’t see this being $199 worth of “party fun”.

    1. @jhon No, I don’t recall being a designated driver mainly because I also didn’t go to a lot of parties. I was/am boring that way ;o) I don’t mind the taste of some alcohol like Mike’s Hard Lemonaid and Smirnoff Ice. But I haven’t had either for years… But even when I did drink them, I’d just have one or two. Not enough to effect me.

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