Skip the Gas with the OREGON PowerNow Battery Powered Chainsaw

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I live in the woods of Southern Indiana and often find that I need to trim low hanging limbs on the trees in my yard. I’ve resorted to using a saw before, but most of the time, we’ll wait till we have a lot of limbs to trim and will ask Jeanne’s brother to come over with his chainsaw. A chainsaw is a tool that’s missing from my collection and for various reasons, is one that I never really had a desire to purchase till now. The OREGON PowerNow 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw might be the tool that changes that. First of all, it doesn’t require stinky gasoline and oil mixtures. Second, it doesn’t have one of those darned pull cords to start it. I hate those… because I’m a wuss and it takes me a zillion tries to get them to start. It’s also quieter to use. The PowerNow is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can slice up to 250 2-3 inch branches on a single charge with the Endurance battery pack version of this chainsaw. Of course, the thicker the wood the less cuts per charge. The PowerNow with the Endurance battery pack is available now for $499.

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8 thoughts on “Skip the Gas with the OREGON PowerNow Battery Powered Chainsaw”

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  2. I want a chainsaw…my wife says no. Something about her liking my sons and me with 10 fingers and toes each. Sometimes she’s just no fun at all…
    Seriously, I’d like to try this out. I dislike having to store gasoline or gas/oil mixtures around the house.

  3. I have both an electric and gas chain saw for the 70+ trees on my property. If I don’t use one of them at least once a month, I go through withdrawl. I LOVE slicing and dicing fallen branches with it.

  4. In general, there’s nothing wrong with an electric chainsaw and a long power cord. It’ll be cheaper, lighter, and no dead battery to worry about either (as anyone with cordless tools can attest to). But then again, I cut my grass with an electric mower too….

  5. I’ve been loving my little Black & Decker 18V Cordless Chainsaw. It’s not heavy-duty by any means, but it is great for taking out 2-3″ tree branches, large brush, and overgrown saplings. I have a ton of B&D 18V tools (6 batteries worth) and thus have more than enough power to get through any project this little gem can handle. Was sold once I saw the great reviews and ~$80 price tag.

  6. @Julie,
    My house was previously owned by an electrician, and I have outdoor outlets popping up all over my 1.5 acres like weeds, so finding power is not a problem.

  7. Wow! I come here looking for a review about the “Oregon Powerhouse Chainsaw” and all the comments I see above is it’s all about me and what I already have. Get a life let alone a chainsaw!

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