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This review has nothing to do with a new tech device, or case to protect it, or bag to carry it, or even some wild theory on the long awaited iPhone 5. Nothing like that. I am here to tell you, I have found the ultimate milkshake….yes, that is right, milkshake :). This magical dessert comes from a dairy located in, some would say, the middle of no where.

I am in Idaho Falls, ID this week for my day job and have discovered the most mind-numbingly good milkshake I have ever had. Along with being rather critical of tech-toys, I am the same way with milkshakes and most baked goods. While working with several local folks here in town, they mentioned that I/we had to try a shake from Reed’s Dairy located a few miles outside of town along Highway 20.

My first impression of the place definitely made me smile, bringing me back to a place I use to go decades ago.

I swear the gal making my (large) shake used nearly a gallon of ice cream. This picture does not do this milkshake justice in regards to shear magnitude…..it is easily a meal for some people. For a whopping $4, you get literally a pound (maybe more) of super creamy, insanely thick milkshake. Not only does Reed’s Dairy give you quantity, but the quality of the shake is second to none (and I have tried many over the years). It is made with their homemade ice cream and fresh whole milk. I have tried their double chocolate (chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk) and vanilla milkshakes. They serve a dozen other flavors daily but I prefer the classics. I have had to run 5 miles everyday since discovering Reed’s Dairy, since I have stopped there religiously everyday to get one for the ride back into town. Well, I hope you all do not mind me reviewing/sharing a most worthy (non-tech) find. I wholeheartedly suggest stopping if you are ever in Idaho Falls :).


Product Information

Manufacturer:Reed's Dairy
  • - An appetite
  • - Best milkshake ever.....
  • - Will ruin your diet

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  2. Supposedly Sprint is the only carrier getting the iPhone 5…for now, and I find this to hold true, due to the fact that Sprint was the only company with a completed 4G network when the iPhone 5 was in the development phase….Apple would not dare to place another iPhone under the eyes of scrutiny due to coverage issues….sorry im on a diet…

  3. I’ve been on South Beach for about 12 weeks now and can say, without reservation, I’m very happy it’s almost 4800km from here to Idaho Falls as that last picture almost broke my spirit. 🙂

    It looks celestial!

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