Lark wants to change the way you sleep and wake up

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The problem with alarm clocks is that they wake you up in the middle of a dream, and not just you, but also all the people at your place. Furthermore, alarm clocks don’t know if you are already awake or not, and therefore they don’t know when to stop the alarm and when to continue with it. The Lark wants to change your awaking experience. The product consists of a wrist band, charging dock and an App for your iOS device (Android App will be available later). The functionality is simple, you set the alarm on the iOS device and then the wrist-band will vibrate and wake you up quietly. In addition to that, the wrist band also monitor your movements during your sleep and can provide you with details like, how long  it took you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up, how long you slept and the quality of sleep. You can use the ‘sleep coach’ software that enhances the lark to enable you to achieve your sleeping goals and to receive feedback on how to improve your sleep quality. The product was developed by ‘sleep and pro sport experts’ and it costs 99$ or 159$ with the personal sleep trainer bundle.

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  2. I was going to diss this product at first then I thought better of it after a few fleeting moments of rare cognitive reflection; hey this might be a good product for folks with sleep problems.

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