Take Control of Business Meetings with Idea Flight for iPad

If you work for a business that provides iPads for employes or where most employes have gotten their own, Idea Flight might be a perfect way to control business presentations.  You won’t have to worry that people are reading ahead in handouts and missing what you’re saying, and you don’t have to have projectors or other equipment.  All attendees must be connected to the meeting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and the presenter will act as the “pilot” to control the meeting.  All “passengers” will see the same information that the pilot is displaying on his screen.  As people join the meeting, the pilot will collect their names in a meeting list, so he doesn’t have to keep up with business cards from everyone.  Idea Flight uses a PDF for the display materials.  The app is free for passengers; make a $7.99 in-app purchase to have pilot ability.  See the Idea Flight website for more details and to view a video for a demonstration of how Idea Flight works.

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