Sena Sarach Leatherskin & Flip iPhone Cases Review

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I have recently upgraded from my (painfully old and slow) Blackberry Storm 2 to an iPhone 4. While the iPhone 4 is much smarter, faster, better looking, etc; it is also more fragile than the Blackberries I have used in the past. I must admit that (due to Julie’s bad influence) I often use my tech-devices without a case these days. However, I still rely on the protection of a case regularly throughout my hectic work week and life in general. In my search to find the ideal case, I knew I did not want a silicone wrap or bulky plastic case that would take away for the iPhone’s slim beauty. I wanted one that would accentuate that sleekness and provide protection as well. Sena‘s Sarach line of form fitting, hand-sewn leather cases seemed to be an ideal choice.

Sena sent me a Sarach black Flip case and a Sarach brown Leatherskin case for me to checkout. It has been a while since I reviewed a Sena case but they are just as polished and finished I remember.

Sena Sarach Leatherskin iPhone Case

The iPhone 4 slips into the top of the Sarach Leatherskin and is held in place by a flap that folds over the top of the phone and snaps onto the back of the case. The case is perfectly fitted for the iPhone 4. The front has cutouts for the screen, home button, ear speaker and front facing camera. The stitching on the front of the case is finely done and matches the coloring of the case itself. The back stitching is hand-sewn two-tone saddle-stitched, for a more rustic look that highlights the dark brown leather with the lighter brown thread.

The left side has cutouts for the volume buttons and mute switch. The edging of the case is also well finished.

The right side has no notable cutouts or features other than the highlight stitching.

The top of the case allows access to the power button and earbud port.

The bottom of the case has cutouts for the iPod/iPhone sync cable port and speakers.

I really like the Sarach Leatherskin. It is well made from quality materials, adds minimal bulk to the iPhone, and does not take away any overall form factor or function from the device. The Leatherskin is available in the brown/cream seen here, red/red, black/grey, and tan/cream.

Sena Sarach Flip iPhone Case

Obviously, the main difference between the Flip and the Leatherskin is the flap that folds over the front of the iPhone to protect its screen. Other than that, there are only a few design or style differences between the two cases.

There are four embedded magnets in the leather that securely holds the flap closed in place. The front flap has a slot to hold a few business cards, money, or an ID. The front stitching is black, matching the color of the leather. The Flip’s cutouts are the same as the Leatherskin: screen, home button, speaker and front facing camera.

The thicker, hand-sewn two-tone saddle-stitching is dark grey and accents the black leather nicely. The Flip is available in the black/grey, red/red, brown/cream, and tan/cream.

The left side has cutouts for the volume buttons and mute switch.

The right side has no notable cutouts or features other than the grey highlight stitching.

While the earbud plug port is exposed, the power button is covered by the flap leather.

Also like the Leatherskin, the Flip has cutouts for the iPod/iPhone sync cable port and speakers on the base/bottom of the case.

While in the Leatherskin, I am still able to dock my iPhone with a majority of iPod enabled music players. However, the Flip only worked with one of docking stations because the front flap hampered the direct screen input.

Neither case adds much bulk to the sleek and slim iPhone but the Sarach Flip provides more overall protection. While I personally prefer the Leatherskin due to the Flip’s front flap getting in my way, it does not protect the screen or upper corners of the iPhone as well as the Flip. Which style of case you choose really comes down to personal preference and desire to protect your phone. While these cases are several times more expensive than the typical silicone case or about double that of a worthy hard plastic case, the Sarach line of iPhone 4 cases are so much more stylish as well. That said, at $60 for the Leatherskin and $70 for the Flip they are not outrageously priced either.


Product Information

Price:Leatherskin ($59.99) Flip ($69.99)
  • Verizon iPhone 4
  • - Well designed
  • - Form fitted
  • - Excellent material and craftsmanship
  • - Hand-sewn two-tone saddle-stitched stylish design
  • - Good protection
  • - The flap might bother some people
  • - A bit on the pricey side

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  2. Nice review, need more attention to higher quality cases, especially flips.

    The stiching to the left and the right of the screen will make it troublesome to use the side of the screen for typing and for draging apps from screen to screen.

    I have used a similar case before and threw it away. I know as a critic you are under pressure to talk about every little aspect, and it is appreciated by me and probably the manufacturer, and the stiching is only a small issue, and it may only be an issue for me, however I found it raises the the thickness of that part of the phone so much that it makes it difficult to type p’s and q’s.

    And with out p’s and q’s what would this world turn into…

    so p mention it in your future review of flip cases, maybe the manufacturer will actually take notice


    robert j

  3. You can buy similar cases for a couple of dollars at Dealextreme.

    I’ve had several (iPod, iPhone) and they’re all wonderfull cases.

    Saves you about $ 55 if you’d surf to
    (and No, I don’t have shares in this company).

  4. I also iniitally used an off-brand that looked like the flip case for my old 3GS. While it worked well, the magnets were a problem as they killed my ablity to use the built-in iphone compass for any apps or maps that required it. markf

  5. I bought a leather flip case recently for my Galaxy S from a local market in the UK it cost a staggering £8.50 ($13.89) & it is very good value for money I really can’t imagine why anyone would pay $69.99 for a flip case but someone will 😉

  6. As far as flip cases go, I’d agree with Leane that something like the C.E.O. Flip-Vue iPhone 4 Case is perhaps a better option for less money.
    The thing that would concern me with the Sena Flip cover is the top corners look too exposed. Knowing me, if I dropped my iPhone, it would land on one of those corners.
    If you’re gonna move from a skin to an actual case or cover, it’s usually for added protection . . . and if you’re gonna do that, you might as well get one that covers completely.

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