iPad Extreme Sleeve from G-Form Protects Your iPad – Even if You Drop it From a Plane?

The iPad Extreme Sleeve is made by G-Form, a company that “brings you the most innovative cycling and sports impact protection products available today.”  They’ve applied that technology to a protective iPad sleeve that can be used alone or inside another bag.  The sleeve is made of molded PORON® XRD™ material, so it “offers consistent, repeated impact absorption for dependable performance throughout the life of the product.”  The Extreme Sleeve is water-resistant, lightweight, and flexible. It fits the original iPad with no other case and the iPad 2 with a Smart Cover.  It’s available to pre-order in yellow or black for $59.95;  shipment date is May 2.  You should check out the G-Form  YouTube channel and watch them drop a 12-pound bowling ball on an iPad in the Extreme Sleeve, or see what happens when they drop an iPad in the Extreme Sleeve 500 feet out of an glider-type plane.

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