Victorinox Swiss Army RescueTool Knife

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This Swiss Army knife was developed over a five-year period in conjunction with emergency medical and rescue services personnel.  The Victorinox RescueTool has a window breaker and a seat belt cutter in addition to the more traditional Swiss Army tools.  Luminescent, bright yellow grip shells make it easy to see, and the nylon cord allows you to attach it to a bag or keychain.  You can even use this knife while wearing gloves.  It comes with a red and yellow nylon case.  You can get the Victorinox Swiss Army RescueTool from Amazon for about $75.

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  2. Be careful – it’s got a locking blade which makes it illegal to carry in the UK unless it’s a valid tool of your trade and you are carrying out that trade when caught in posession..

  3. I have this knife and it’s one of the best specialty rescue knives. It’s designed to be used by firefighters and rescue with heavy gloves. Even the belt case is easy to open with gloves.

    The blades are razor sharp but the seat belt knife is blunted and slices through heavy belting with one pull. The window breaker and belt cutter are replaceable if they become dull or broken.

    The scales glow in the dark very brightly after exposure to light and they glow for a long time.

    There are actually 2 models – one with plain blade and one with combo blade. I have the plain blade which I prefer in this config since you already have an effective rope cutter and you don’t need the wavy section.

    It’s a finely crafted knife in the best tradition of swiss knifemaking. However, it’s not the knife for the average person. There are many other instant use rescue knives that are more suitable. For rescue personnel, this is the one to get.

    You can also get it much cheaper at other places so no need to follow the Amazon link. Just search around.

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