Mobile Stand for Tablet PC Review

Got a tablet PC, Xoom or an iPad?  Then this stand is right for you!  I got this stand from Deal Extreme which has since been sold out.  But this stand is an exact clone of TwelveSouth’s Compass Stand for the iPad.  I will be writing this review as an item purchased from Deal Extreme.  But if you want to buy it then please visit TwelveSouth.  I’m sure that the quality of TwelveSouth’s Compass Stand will be as good if not better than the Mobile Stand from Deal Extreme.

Inside the Deal Extreme’s Mobile Stand for Tablet PC box is just the aluminum stand and a sleeve.  No instructions were provided but it’s pretty self explanatory on how it should work.

The stand is made totally from aluminum with little bit of plastic grips on the places where it contacts the table and iPad/tablet.

There’s 2 positions that can be set with this stand.  Either lifting out the longer leg to give the iPad a good angle in watching movies.  Or pushing out the shorter leg to have the iPad on a comfortable typing angle.

This shows the stand being used at the typing angle.

This shows the stand being used at the movie watching angle.

The stand is built solidly.  And it’s heavy being that it’s made up of mostly aluminum.  I got it on Deal Extreme for $17.  There is no way to get it from Deal Extreme since they don’t carry it anymore.  TwelveSouth’s Compass Stand is sold for $39.99 direct from its website.  It’s a great stand and is totally worth it even at the $39.99 price.


Product Information

Price:$39.99 from TwelveSouth
  • Solid build quality
  • Great price
  • None

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  2. I disagree with the pricing issue raised at the end of the article. I paid for the knock off brand and spent $7. Just as good as the 12 South, but cheaper. No reason to spend $30+ for something you can get for pennies on the dollar. Save your money and get the cheaper one. I’ve used it for the past month and I love it.

  3. @Scott although I may be a little hypocritical here as I do have some knock off items, I do think that you get what you pay for especially if you have any issues with the product. I also think blatant knock offs of a product hurts the people who designed and created the product. My consumer side loves a great price, I will say that when I go to sites like Amazon and Ebay I do look for OEM or licensed items before I will buy knock offs.

  4. @Scott – I originally purchased it without knowing it was a direct knock off from TwelveSouth. That’s why I mention that it’s worth it to buy directly from TwelveSouth instead of having a knock off. I’ve since purchased 2 real TwelveSouth stands for my cousins and they love it!

    Buying knock offs is never good for the real companies that design them.

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