Prove you have a Kung-Fu grip with the SensoGlove for Golfers

My interest in golf was a short lived stint in grade school. I think it was 3rd grade and one of the boys in my class (Ricky Bowling) who lived next to a golf course would collect golf balls and bring them to school to sell. You have to admire his early entrepreneurial skills! I remember buying several of them at 25 cents a pop. Why did I want old golf balls? Because if you threw them down on concrete pavement, they would bounce pretty high and, I liked peeling off the cover to get to the rubber band wrapped center. Yes, I was an odd child. What does this have to do with the SensoGlove? Absolutely nothing. Just thought I’d share 🙂

The SensoGlove is a golfer’s tool that uses built-in sensors that constantly reads the pressure of your grip. It can help you learn the correct grip pressure for smoother, consistent swings that deliver greater distance and precision. It features a sweat-proof 1.2-inch LED digital monitor provides real-time audio and visual feedback as you swing. The SensoGlove is available for men and women in right or left hand configurations, sizes small to x-large, priced at $89.

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