Orbino announces one of the first luxury iPad 2 cases

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Were you as lucky as Janet to get your hands on the new iPad 2 last Friday. Yeah, me neither <sniff>. If you were lucky, you are probably shopping for cases to protect your new tablet. If you have a surplus of cash, you might consider the Padova leather case from Orbino. It incorporates the new smart cover technology so that when you open the cover, the iPad 2 powers on and powers off when closed. It’s being offered in several colors and prices start at $209.00. Full press release after the jump. For immediate release

New York, NY 14 March 2011

Orbino Launches Padova for the iPad 2: The First Full Protection
Leather Case integrating the iPad 2’s New Smart Cover Technology

Orbino, makers of premium technology cases, announced today that it
has launched the new Padova Case for the iPad 2, which is the first
full protection case on the market to integrate the iPad 2’s new Smart
Cover technology, which automatically turns the screen on and off when
the cover opens and closes.

Padova is a super-slim, yet protective play through case which is
handmade in Orbino’s workshop. The case sports a tailored design which
completely covers the iPad 2 — both front and back, and offers a
variety of high-performance features including:

— Protective rigid leather flap with invisible magnetic closure which
also activates the iPad 2’s smart cover technology, turning the screen
on and off

— Complete protection of the iPad 2 — both front and back

— Orbino’s trademark hinged flap which doubles as viewing pedestal in
both the horizontal and vertical orientation

— Brushed metal home button

— Unique form fitting design stitched entirely by hand with premium
high tensile waxed thread

— Hand lacquered 4 coat feathered edging

— Cut out for iPad dock connector, volume control, speakers, screen
rotation lock, headphones, and both front and rear cameras

— Removable metal typing stand

— Each case is proudly 100% produced by a single artisan in our own
workshop in Italy.

Orbino’s Padova case for the iPad 2 is available in four luxury
colors: Black, Brown, Deep Red, and Pecan. Orbino is also offering
limited edition models in luxury skins such as genuine Crocodile,
Snakeskin, and Ostrich.

The Padova for the iPad 2 is available from Orbino’s online store at:
http://www.orbino.com <http://www.orbino.com/>

Prices start at US$209 and product can be shipped throughout the

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10 thoughts on “Orbino announces one of the first luxury iPad 2 cases”

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  2. I don’t know, I mean I am all for protecting my iPad2 and I am a classy guy so I would need the Ostrich but to pay as much for that cover as i did for my iPad maybe next life… They are a nice design but a little pricey if you ask me…

  3. This comment has more to do with the terrible customer service I received than the product itself. I preordered the IPad last spring and based on Julie’s review I ordered the PADOVA case in Tuscan brown. In placing the order, I was informed that since these luxury cases are hand made, quality workmanship, blah, blah, blah it would take up to 7 weeks before shipping.

    At 8 weeks, with no update from Orbino, I emailed the company asking when the $200+ case would ship. I was informed …soon.

    I finally received the much anticipated package after 11 weeks, nearly three months after placing the order. Eagerly opening the packing and lo and behold… IT IS THE WRONG F…. COLOR!!

    I immediately email customer service and inform them of their mistake, attaching a copy of the order confirmation with the correct color clearly indicated. I receive a reply with the obligatory superficial apology and am informed that a case in the correct color would be IMMEDIATELY shipped along with a prepaid shipping label to send back the wrong case.

    And so… a month goes by… then month two. I’m thinking okay, it’s coming from Italy and it will be another three months. 3 months? No such luck!

    With my patience finally gone, 5 months after receiving the wrong case(a total of 8 months after placing the order) I email Orbino and ask them WTF is going on. The reply I get is that the reason for the delay is according to their records, they were waiting for ME to advise them of my intention to keep the wrong case, wait for the correct case or cancel the order.

    Fuming, I attach the email I had received 5 months before which clearly states that a new case would be sent immediately along
    with the shipping label. No action on my part until receiving the label.

    The reply to this email is that they will send me the label, credit my account in full and cancel the order. I say fine. The next day I receive a message indicating that they will credit my account AFTER they receive their wrong case back.

    I HIT THE ROOF!! I reply to their message and tell them that I will NOT send the case back until I see the credit in my account. Finally, the credit appears… I send back the case the same day. I seven took photos of the case at the FedEx office in front of witnesses to preclude Orbino from claiming that I sent back the case damaged or otherwise used.

    I will never order anything from this company again.

    1. @Kelena I wanted to mention that I have not reviewed an Orbino product in years. You said you ordered the PADOVA case for the original iPad based on my review. I never reviewed it. It’s possible we had a short news post, but not a review. I’m pretty sure that the last Orbino case I reviewed was for an iPod Touch back in 2008.

  4. I’m sorry Julie, I don’t know where I got the impression that it was your review which prompted my ill-advised order. Perhaps it’s because yours is the ONLY review site of ANY kind that I regularly visit.

    In fact since the long ago days of Palm PDA reviews I check your site religiously at least once a day.

    Anyway, you may edit out my reference to your review in the submitted comment. It’s not relevant to the comment anyway.

    Mahalo for your great site and the opportunity to vent a bit.

  5. I ordered the Padova case for my first iPad and it arrived within the time they’d projected. I found their customer service to be first class. I even wrote them a thank you note!

    Perhaps the first go around was too overwhelming for them! I ordered another cover for my iPad2. Let’s hope I get the same results!

  6. This case is amazingly beautiful! I ordered it online on Saturday and was a little concerned as to when I would actually receive it as I had read many comments on shipping taking anywhere from 5-7 weeks! Upon seeing this case I had to haves it, yes it’s pricey but I believe only the most unique and beautiful case should adorne my iPad, it is truly the Apple way! I spent $1,000 on my iPad, I want to protect my investment. Anyways, two days later my Orbino case was at my doorstep. I can only say that this case is even more impressive in person. It is truly a unique and luxury item. I am planning to purchase a case for my new iPhone 4S.

    Would make a fabulous gift for someone or for yourself!

    Don’t hesitate on this case, it is truly AMAZING! It smell awesome as well 😉

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