Panasonic announces GF2 pricing

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Panasonic has finally announced US pricing for the (much anticipated) GF2, their second generation micro four thirds camera with interchangeable lenses. The current MSRP is $499.95 for body alone; $599.95 for body plus 14 – 42mm GF2K lens; and $699.95 for body plus 14mm prime GF2C lens.

The new micro 4/3 cameras produce dSLR quality photos/experience/capabilities with the ability to exchange lenses in a lightweight, compact, form-factor. Panasonic is one of many camera manufactures who are producing this class of digital cameras.

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4 thoughts on “Panasonic announces GF2 pricing”

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  2. Actually, along with Panasonic and Olympus, Sony has the NEX-3 & NEX-5, Samsung has the NX10, and Fujiflim has the X100 (I know it does not have an interchangeable lens system, but some would argue that it falls into the 4/3 camera arena). Plus there have been rumors of Nikon & Canon getting in the game as well.

    Ummm, let’s get our facts straight before criticizing, shall we???

  3. The 4/3rds sensor is considerably smaller than the APS-C sensor in the Sony NEX cameras (APS-C as in some Sony DSLRs). Whats different in both instances from their DSLR cousins is the back focus distance which makes them smaller by removing the mirror box and viewfinder and thus requiring different lenses.

  4. I agree with andix that the sentence in question is misleading. The sentence is preceded by “The new micro 4/3 cameras produce dSLR quality… “.

    This gives the impression that “this class of digital cameras” refers to micro 4/3 cameras, of which there are only 2 manufacturers.

    That aside, the GF2 looks great. I might just spring for one.

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