Play a Round of Golf in Your Own Home with OptiShot

OptiShot, an Infrared golf simulator from Dancin’ Dogg Golf, lets you and up to three of your friends play a round of golf without leaving home.  Using your own golf clubs and the OptiShot optical infrared pad and software, you can play on simulations of a variety of US golf courses, one in Thailand, and even the home of Scandanavian Masters.  Sensors in the pad track and evaluate your swing – you don’t even have to use golf balls.   You’ll need a Windows computer and a room with at least an 8.5 ft ceiling height (or whatever is required to allow you to swing naturally).  You’ll be able to fine-tune settings for your golf clubs, and you’ll get an accurate swing analysis as you play.  For $399.95, you’ll get the pad, 3DD golf software, foam golf balls, eight golf courses – everything you need to play at home.  You can add premium courses for $49.95 each – like the Scottish course that’s the oldest in the world or the Georgia Peach that simulates the course where the US Masters is played.  Go to the Dancin’ Dogg website for more details than this non-golfer can give you!

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  • Jackie Cheng November 15, 2010, 5:13 pm

    So instead of having a wii-mote flying into the tv, you now have a full fledged 9 iron flying to it…Hope they include a wrist strap to tether that club. But the virtual golf system does work good. I’ve visited a place near my house that has these installed and it works pretty nicely.

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