Borders get another eBook Reader – NextBook Next2

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The NextBook Next2 isn’t just an eBook reader, it’s also a tablet. Powered by Android OS 1.5, this little guy has a 600 MHz processor, 7″ 800 x 480 resistive touch screen, 2GB internal memory and an SD card slot for expansion. The Next2 ships with 25 free books already installed, but using built-in WiFi, you can surf the Borders store directly on the device, to buy and download books. They also allude to the fact that you can install apps, but I’m unsure if this device has access to the full app market or a subset. The NextBook Next2 will be available on the HSN in November, with a MSRP of $199.99. Lack of a capacitive touch screen and the latest version of Android leave me a little cold… I’ll keep using my Droid X as my eBook reader for the time being.

22 thoughts on “Borders get another eBook Reader – NextBook Next2”

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  2. Android OS 1.5 – strike 1
    600 MHz processor – strike 2
    resistive touch screen – strike 3

    Don’t worry little Next2, someday you’ll be an actual tablet.

  3. Not happy with this thing at all. Bought officesuite for 15 bucks and activation key constantly says Wrong Key (checked more than fifty times). Bought book from Borders and the Nextbook says that the browser sent a bad request. I am opening Borders on he ereader. WARNING DO NOT BUY THIS GADGET!!!!! It’s a waste of money.

  4. I have until the end of Jan to send this “thing” back to HSN and I will be sending it back today, I’ve only had it a week. The Apps on this “thing” are totally foreign to me…in other words the apps are no good, the search engine is not user friendly.

  5. My reader will not charge. If I plug it into electricity it sars the battery is full.If I unplug it then it says 18% charged. Very agrivating.
    Soreta M

  6. I bought this from HSN and tried to order an ebook from Borders and it never posted to my elibrary. Borders is going to refund my purchase, but I read on internet that Borders doesn’t support this product…wondering if that’s true. I’m sending it back to HSN.

  7. My daughter bought me this as a christmas gift. The off on awitch only works when it wants to. Sending it back a big waste of money…to bad to cause when it worked 2 times in 5 days it had some nice features.

  8. This Reader is starting to get on my last nerve. I tried downloading books and half of the book comes or it keeps shutting down the browser. I wouldn’t waste my money and I should have bought the kindle and saved myself the headache!!

  9. I should have read reviews before getting this product. I finally opened last night and charged the battery per instructions. Today it is dead, would not even power on. And there is no tech support (well nobody’s there on weekends). What a piece of junk!

  10. I received nextbook 2 for holiday gift. I have not had any problems and enjoy it. I have downloaded several ebooks without problems. I don’t mind that it must be charged via power outlet and not through computer usb. I think my computer has too many usb gadgets. I plug it in to the charger when battery is low just like my cell phone. I like being able to read and listen to music while I am waiting for appts, in car waiting for son to be released from sport events etc…..

  11. I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she loved it until all of sudden the screens kept freezing up, so we would re-set the Nextbook to have it just freeze up again, I called HSN today and they referred me to the support tech @ Nextbook who said it was a software failure and I could return to HSN or send it to them and they can send me another one in 3-4 weeks, I asked if this is a common occurance and they told me it happens…I sent it back to HSN today.

  12. I’ve had my next2 since saturday and have done 3 resets on it. Also had issues downloading ebooks from borders. I will be taking this what initial was a great gadget, then turned into a ‘will it work properly today’ or not paperweight. Saying Next..

  13. mine just arrived yesterday and i HATE it! the apps suck and the battery dies after about 2 hours. i am sending it back monday! i will buy something more costly but worth it….they give you some apps but done allow them to be downloaded…what a piece of ‘you know what”

  14. Got the ereader as a birthday gift. My daughter thought this would be a great gift because I love to read. To bad it gives me messages that it doesn’t recognize my browser. So I’m stuck with the Classics, can’t go online for any of the other “accessories”. I’m asking her to return it. It is not user friendly.

  15. I just love it when people get a new device and do not know how to use it! Then they get all frustrated with it and want to return it…LOL PEOPLE learn how to use the thing BEFORE you mess it up!

  16. Recently available at BigLots — Android 2.1 version — with case etc. Not the fastest, fanciest, flashiest device, but it gets the job done! Apps can be downloaded as apk files and installed from the SD card. Quality is acceptable – battery life seems variable – if you keep an eye on running apps, four to six hours of actual use (e.g. wifi on surfing) is possible. Every so often a reset seems necessary, but it is a great alternative as an ereader, email device, light web surfing, audio player (great for free old time radio or audio books). For less than $100 well worth it … I bought two — charge one while using the other — swap the SD card andall is well !!!

  17. Im surprised at the reviews. I love mine, have had it for 3 months now and the only problem is the one time I had to do a reset. I dont buy books so no issues regarding borders, and I dont often have wireless on so my battery last longer. As far as apps go, I dont really use them either. I bought it for the books, email and basic surfing when I cant be bothered going to the other room t pick up my lappy. And for all of those things and the cost of less than $200 NZD I am rapt

  18. I have the nextbook 2, and it freezes up sometimes, and when ever I try to download from certain app markets like get jars , and 1 mobile market the won’t download. Then my youtube player wasn’t working but I figured out how to get that working. I might end up taking it back , this is my fourth tablet and all the other one work better then this. But I’m tired of wasting my money. I think I’m going to get the Ipad or either the mac book. In that’s what I have to say , or less don’t BUY IT!

  19. I got this Next Book 2 as a Christmas present. It runs Android 2.1 with 1gig of memory. To put it in one word: WORTHLESS.

    Of course, I would need the original receipt to send it back but it was a gift.

    For those of you who are thinking of buying an E-Reader, don’t do it unless it is a powerhouse like the IPad or comes with Android Ice Cream OS.

    As a former computer engineer for a great metropolitan computer company(hint:three letters) I can tell you that it’s a waste of good money.

    This Next Book constantly freezes. Why? Because it is vastly underpowered. Because the apps are inferior when matched with the operating system. Because Borders is no longer in business and everybody else doesn’t want their headaches.

    I can’t degrade this paperweight enough so I’ll just leave it. with “DON’T BUY IT FOR MONEY!!”

  20. My first tablet – Xmas present from Mum. It has a annoying tendancy to auto-spell “Android” when I want an “and”. With the poor touch-screen calibration it gets old very quickly backing up to correct. Borders doesn’t work. Neither does the Youtube player. It freezes up ALL the time. Not good.

  21. Waste of money to buy nextbook products. They are slow, you get kicked off the internet. Customer service seems to think there is never anything wrong. They don’t repair either. If I where you, go spend your money on a name brand tablet. You will be very disappointed in nextbook. Not worth the money.

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