Control your mind with the an iPhone and PLX XWave

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Connect this somewhat goofy looking headset to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, load one of 4 apps and you’ll be well on your way to complete mind control. Ok, I doubt that’s really true… but the PLX XWave does look kind of interesting if it can actually help you increase your focus and relaxation techniques. The device will be available on November 1st, but is currently available for pre-order for $99.99

3 thoughts on “Control your mind with the an iPhone and PLX XWave”

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  2. I went to the website and watched the video. The girl who demonstrated the device was so dang cute! This reminds me of stuff they used to do in the seventies (think Fringe). I don’t know where the rising blue ball thingy comes from, is it on the iPhone’s screen or actually rising from your hand like the pic and the video seems to imply (which I find hard to believe). Be interesting to see a review for this.
    And Oh yes there are third party Apps for that 🙂

    1. @Bob I think the pretty girl is there to distract you from what the device can actually do 😉 That ball thing in the palm of her hand isn’t real. I think all the manipulation is done on the iPhone’s display.

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