Extend Your Talking Range with the Vetro Bluetooth Headset

Vetro means “glass” in Italian, and this new Bluetooth headset from Callpod combines both style and function into a small package. The Vetro’s internal amplifier gives it 5 times the operating range of a standard Bluetooth headset, allowing users to roam up to 50m (164 ft) away. It also includes a GummyGel earbud that molds to the shape of your ear, for lasting comfort. The Vetro is available now for $99.95.

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  • Karel Jansens July 25, 2010, 5:46 am

    That’s strange. I’ve always been told (and sometimes even been shouted at) that, to effectively (as in: have a meaningful, two-sided conversation) boost bluetooth ranges, you need signal amplification on both sides.

    Now paint me sceptic, but I find it hard to believe that phone manufacturers would be so considerate and altruistic that they’d include a long-range BT module on the offchance anyone were to ever buy a (very rare) enhanced transceiver.

    So, unless you manage to back up this claim with a test with a bog-standard BT phone, I’m going to take this post with a whole bag of salt.

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