Bayer’s Contour USB Monitor Simplifies Diabetes Management

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If you have diabetes, you know it’s important to check your blood glucose levels, but you also know it can be difficult to track and make sense of the data.  The Contour USB Monitor from Bayer is the first meter with USB connectivity built-in, so you can easily transfer your data to their GlucoFacts Deluxe Data Management software.  The software helps you evaluate your data to see trends so that you can take steps to control your blood glucose levels.  The software also allows you to log your exercise and has nutrition and risk assessment guides to help you take charge of your health.  The Contour USB meter has a rechargeable battery that charges with the supplied power adapter or through the USB port on your computer.  The Contour USB Monitor lists for $75.00 and is available at various online and brick-and-mortar pharmacies and WalMart.  Right now CVS/pharmacy has it for $29.99.

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  2. Janet Cloninger

    No, according to the FAQs, it runs on Windows or Mac:

    Q: What is the CONTOUR USB operating system compatibility?
    A: Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB Blood Glucose Monitor is currently compatible with Window® 7, Windows® XP (SP3) and Vista® (SP2) as well as Mac OS X® 10.5.7 and 10.5.8 (Intel® 64 bit processors)

    And there are further questions and answers about using the software and meter on both Windows and Mac computers.

  3. My health insurance only covers one type of meter, the Accu-Chek Aviva. Unless I want to cover the cost of the meter and all future strips out of pocket. Which I don’t want to do. It already costs too much and I only have to check my glucose levels twice a day. Nice idea though.

  4. Is it wrong that I want this, solely to track our diabetic cat’s usage? We already do glucose curves once a month on him, I’d wonder about the strip costs too. Many of them are available on Ebay or mail-order for pretty heft discount.

  5. Yeah, the retail pricing for strips for this seems to be in the “priced for insurance companies” range, but you can find deep discounts that bring them down to the same approximate cost as, say, Wavesense or ReliOn.

    I’ve heard mixed things about using a human glucometer with a diabetic pet, but people do do it instead of using the special veterinary models, so I don’t see why this one would be any different than the rest.

  6. Update everyone! I downloaded an update to the meter software on 9/9/10 and it now works with Snow Leopard! Fantastic meter, works great, small, and charges off usb. I have been using mine at least four times a day for the last three – four months, and rarely charge it more than once a month. Look on Amazon for strips, I found that I can get 100 perfectly good strips for $10 less than I can get 50 at my local pharmacy.

  7. Just purchased this meter 1 week ago at Walgreens for $9.99 (CVS alternates sale at same price) The simplicity of its use, easy to read, very small amount of blood needed, makes this IMO the best meter I have ever used. The plug & play usb connection could not be simplier to use. I recommend this meter ABOVE all others.

  8. A guy in Toronto


    Why on earth would your insurance cover only one type of meter? What kind of sick third-world country do you live in? My drug play gives me 85% coverage on whatever the hell I need, and most pharmacies will give you a free meter when you buy strips.

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