WaterField Designs 10″ Portable Muzetto Bag Review

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WaterField Designs is hands down, one of my favorite gear bag designers. I carry their wallet and pouches with me single every day. Last summer I had the opportunity to review their Personal sized Muzetto gear bag, which I continue to love to use as an around town carry all. When I saw that they had added a new 10″ Portable sized Muzetto capable of holding the iPad, I knew I needed to get my hands on one. Let’s take a look. For the most part, the Portable size is almost identical to the Personal size that I already reviewed. The Personal size can actually hold an iPad – although it’s a snug fit and can’t hold much else.

All the Muzetto bags from WaterField are made of soft leather and canvas. The design is casual with flair. The exterior leather has a slightly scuffed look to it that makes you think it has seen some adventures. It fits in great with my blue jeans, sneakers and t-shirt style.

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The bag has a long flap that doesn’t require any type of clasp to hold it closed. The flap is thick and heavy enough to stay closed by gravity alone.

When you lift the flap, you’re greeted with a splash of color. My Muzetto has a Green canvas panel under the flap, as well as the front of the main compartment. This bag is also available in Black, Copper, Flame, Pearl and Pine.

waterfield muzetto ipad 2

If you look at the back side of the Muzetto, you will find an open pocket that is large enough to accommodate a couple standard sized magazines. The overall size of the Portable Muzetto is 11.5″ x 9.3″ x 2.0″.

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The adjustable shoulder strap is made of a soft woven material, that is attached to the bag with a metal D ring.

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A removable leather shoulder pad is included with the bag.

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The underside of the pad has a rubber strip with raised nubs that are designed to help keep the strap from slipping off your shoulder.

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Under the flap you will find the main compartment and three other pockets. The main compartment is lined in a gold canvas-like material. In the image above (click it for a larger view), you can see my iPad in the main compartment. It’s housed an iPad sock, which is a very minimal sleeve. I can’t imagine any iPad case that would not fit in the Muzetto’s main compartment. You’ll notice that there’s quite a bit of extra room available for other items too. Heck, there’s enough room in there to hold the iPad, the wireless keyboard and other gear.

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The main compartment also has a flat zipper topped slot located in the front wall. I use this pocket to hold my wallet and car keys. It could easily accommodate the AC charger for the iPad as well.

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The front pocket is lined in a soft Black knit material and inside this pocket is smaller pocket made of the same material. This smaller pocket is perfectly sized for an iPhone, other smartphone or any other small device that you would like to store for easy retrieval.

Everything about this bag from materials to construction is top quality. I couldn’t find any defects or reasons to complain. At almost $200, the Muzetto might not fit into everyone’s budget, but I’ve found that WaterField products last for years, so you will definitely get what you pay for. The Muzetto is my current favorite iPad gear bag. What’s yours?


Product Information

Manufacturer:WaterField Designs
  • Holds iPad and more
  • Small soft pocket perfect for an iPhone
  • Back slot is large enough for magazines
  • None

11 thoughts on “WaterField Designs 10″ Portable Muzetto Bag Review”

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  2. I’d like to see this bag go up against the Saddleback medium satchel. I know you reviewed the small one, but they’ve got a medium now that will fit an ipad. In fact if you use their ipad sleeve, it would give you two extra pockets.

    Of course it’s more expensive, but I think at this price point and higher, it’s more about getting what suits you more.

    Thanks for showing that there is a pocket inside the under-flap pocket. The last I looked, not even Waterfield’s site was clear about that, and no review has yet mentioned it. It’s a must-have for cell phones. 🙂

    1. @cyberg00se I love Saddleback’s stuff, but their bags are just too bulky/heavy for me. The WaterField is soft and much more comfortable to wear. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  3. I like the styling and features of this bag! I’ve had my eye on these smaller-sized, vertically-oriented bags for a while now, but have been reluctant to pull the trigger and buy one for a few reasons. (1) The Murse Factor: being the manly-man that I am, I can’t quite yet get past the idea that these bags resemble a purse. 😉 (2) Volumetricity: I like to carry a LOT…OF…STUFF. I probably carry more gear around with me on my daily commute than I need to carry, but I’m an “in case I need it” type. I’ve been trying to go minimalist, which would fit with this style of bags quite nicely, but haven’t (yet). (3) Lack of iPadness: I think these bags would be absolutely perfect for carrying an iPad, a Moleskine, and a few other essentials, but alas, I am as yet iPadless.

    I also like Waterfield’s products–they have a great understated style, yet appear to be quite functional and durable.

  4. I love Waterfield and I love Saddleback… on this one I’ll have to go with Waterfield like Julie. 🙂 Went ahead and made my preorder for the August batch.

    Not to say I won’t get a medium satchel.. just not yet.

    Now I have a couple of months to dither on the color. I went with pine, but love the bright green too. Decisions decisions.. 🙂

    And they don’t even have iPads yet in this country. :/

  5. I’m really looking forward to it! I have a small cargo bag, so I expect great things from the Muzetto. 🙂

    I was going to add a bifold wallet from good ole Saddleback, but it now costs 83 bucks to ship to my country. It looks like they went UPS-only, which totally prices a small wallet beyond all reason. I always assumed it would be easy to purchase from them like it has been in the past, but not anymore it seems. That makes me really sad, because I know they’re friendly people and that’s not the message they want to send. 🙁

  6. If I’m gonna complain I’ll also give credit where it’s due. Saddleback is address the shipping insanity.

    They’re my two favorite bag companies, Waterfield and Saddleback. 🙂 but then Tom Bihn is also great if you don’t mind the looks. I gotta admit the Imago is the best small messenger I’ve ever had.

    I remember a time when you couldn’t find a bag that had pockets and held gear and was well made and didn’t look like a tactical bag. Now we’re spoiled for choice.

  7. I got a 10″ Muzetto (the iPad sized one) recently after an interminable wait. It’s a great bag for carrying an iPad, charger and just a few other things, like a magazine, a couple of pens etc. Sometimes I wish I had got the next larger size (13″) instead so I could carry more stuff, but I still think the 10″ is the right choice. It forces me to be more disciplined about what I carry around, instead of being a packrat going around with a bag full of gear I hardly ever use.

    Maybe someday I’ll get the 15″ size for when I’m traveling and really do have a genuine need to carry a lot of stuff in a carryon. It would mean another long wait though. I see the next batch of Muzettos (of any size) isn’t shipping until August, so Waterfield must be selling these things as fast as they can make them.

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