PowerSquid Studio Desk for Laptops

If a laptop is your only computer, you may find that many standard computer tables don’t work well for you.  For one thing, there’s all that wasted space designed to hold the cpu tower you don’t have.  PowerSquid is offering the Studio Desk, designed just for laptop users.  The desk has solid mahogany legs and laminate-covered MDF surfaces; it’s 47″ X 27.5″ X 29.5″.  The beauty of this desk is the storage compartment under the desk top.  The compartment is accessed from above and is big enough to hold powerstrips, AC adapters, USB hubs, external hard drives, routers, chargers, and even a Mac Mini server – and all of their cables.  Only a power cable comes out of the bottom of the desk, and there’s a slot near the back of the desk top that allows you to access the cables you need to plug in to your laptop.  The PowerSquid Studio Desk is $599.00, and comes ready to assemble.

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