Stop slouching with the PostureTek t-shirt or bra

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posturetekI have crummy posture, so this gadget / clothing product caught my attention when I saw it  in the latest Skymall catalog on my flight back from Fort Myers Florida this past week. The PostureTek Biofeedback Apparel System is available in a shirt or bra design. An adjustable controller is located in a hidden pocket in the garment. This controller can be set for the posture rigidity that you desire. Then when you slouch, the module senses the incorrect posture and gently encourages correction by vibrating. The PostureTek product will cost you about $100.

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  2. you can get a promocode online for 99.99 WITH SHIPPING. Obviously priced marked up like crazy, however, they have a patent and the product works!

  3. Wow, that’s great technology! I have been trying to correct my posture for a long time, but never have I found something to help besides just making myself remember.

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