Customize the comfort of your boots – Wolverine iCS Hikers

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How would you like to be able to adjust the comfort level of your hiking boots? You can with a pair of Wolverine iCS hikers. These leather boots have a removable full-cushion insole that provides four settings of comfort to choose from. Just turn the dial to select firm, cushion, outer or inner support on the insole’s removable heel disk. Firm stiffens the insole for uneven terrain, cushion provides shock absorption, outer decreases the arch height to compensate if you walk with an outward tilt and inner builds up the arch for those who suffer from flat feet or walk with an inward tilt. I wonder if you can buy these insoles and use them in other shoes / boots?

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  2. I need these for my flat footedness!
    (Is that a word) Apologies to the thousands who will probably pick up on that!)


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