Vaja Motorola Razr V3i i-Volution Leather Suit

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For the longest time leather and leather type cases have been designed to protect and carry the phone for the average cell phone user. I’m sure you have seen them out there. The big baggy or clunky looking leather cases designed for cell phones. Those typically cost ~$19.00 and looked like crap. Well the case I’m reviewing today will put your mind at ease and make your Motorola Razr V3i mobile phone look even better with the stylish i-Volution case that Vaja has created.

Initial impressions

My initial impression of this case was one of uncertainty that it would fit my phone well and if I would actually want to keep it on my phone. I have received several cases in the past for my phone and hated every one of them. Other than how they looked, the cases themselves didn’t hold up to my usage.

After opening the packet, I thought: “Is this company for real?” The boxes are very stylish with embossing and a fancy style. In the box you will find your phone case, some simple instructions and some high resolution photos of other Vaja products. I’ve not seen very many companies that spend the time to make the packaging as nice as the contents.

The case itself was interesting looking as it was rather hard to picture from the Vaja website if it would truly fit so well to the phone as shown.

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As you can see, the case fits rather snugly to the phone and makes the phone take on a whole different look with the use of leather, color, and style. I have had this case for 3 weeks now and as you can see in the pictures, the case wears and still fits really well. I use my phone a lot every day, so the condition isn’t because of lack of using the phone. I have had several people stop me and ask to look at my phone because they noticed the case which looked rather unique compared to the average phone case.

One of the features that can come with the Vaja case is the Rivet option. The Rivet is constructed of metal and allows the case to connect to and release quickly from the belt, clothes option or whatever you hang your phone from. This design allows the phone to swing freely and give way to collisions with other items the phone might come in contact with. This will help prevent damage to the phone, the belt clip and the item that the phone might catch on.

Final Thoughts

If someone was to walk up to me now and ask which leather case I would purchase for my Mobile Phone, Smartphone, iPod, etc. It would be a Vaja case. This case is very well constructed and looks very nice. I’m very happy with it and I’m looking to purchase 2 more for the 2 other Motorola Razr phones in my family.

Pricing for this case starts at $55.00. $75.00 as shown for the version in this review. Higher priced versions range from $240.00 and up and have various special additions to the normal Cases (e.g. Sterling Silver, Personalization).


Product Information

  • Motorola Razr V3i
  • Stylish Design
  • Rugged
  • High Quality Construction
  • Price

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