EB Cases eNOVO PPC6700 for the HTC Apache / PPC-6700

I think that many HTC Apache owners would agree that they use
their PDA Phone without a headset more often than not. Even though
the 6700 is a little brick, it can comfortably be held to the face
when talking without making its owner look like a complete tool.
For that reason alone, I think that many 6700 owners have held off
on buying a case because there are so few that allow easy access to
the device when making or receiving calls. Not everyone wants a
flip-lid that they will have to wrestle when they need access to
their screen; not everyone is willing to put up with a sheet of
plastic covering their screen, as was the case with the one

play-through model I reviewed
which didn’t have a flip lid.

I had just about given up on ever seeing a molded play-through
case with an easy access screen until the EB Cases eNOVO PPC6700
arrived. When I first opened the box, I thought that the eNOVO was
simply a better than usual looking molded case, but I soon learned
that this model had a few tricks up its sleeve. The eNOVO 6700 is
available in black, red or brown. I was sent the brown, which has a
nice caramel color that is accented by its tan stitching. The front
of the case features a subtle and tasteful EB metal plaque, which
at 0.4″ tall comprises the only branding present on the case.

eb cases enovo 67001

In the case, the 6700 measures 4.4″ tall x 2.5″ wide x 1.3″
thick and weighs 8 ounces flat; in contrast, the naked 6700
measures 4.3″ tall (not counting the antenna) x 2.3″ wide x 0.9″
thick when naked, and it weighs 6.6 ounces.

This picture of the eNOVO’s back side should begin to explain
what I mean when I call the eNOVO “molded”. I’ll talk a bit more on
that shortly. In the meantime, this picture shows that there is
access to the speaker and the little mirror on the back of the PDA
when the flip-lid is in place. Note the slight bump at the bottom
of the case which accommodates the non-slip ridge on the 6700’s
back. Also note the molded leather box next to the speaker. This is
an integral part of what makes this case so special.

eb cases enovo 67002

When it is in place, the flip-lid covers the camera lens and the
miniSD slot on the 6700. There is still easy access to the voice
recorder, volume slider and Explorer button, as well as the
Infrared port.

eb cases enovo 67003

Unlike the typical machine sewn case which somewhat follows the
curves of a device, the main body of the eNOVO appears to be two
perfectly molded pieces of plastic which have been covered in
leather. These give the eNOVO a custom contoured and fitted look.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to access the 6700’s keyboard
when it is in the case, so that will be a major caveat for

eb cases enovo 67005

These pictures show that the camera button and all of the ports
on the bottom of the 6700 are still available when the 6700 is in
the case. It is not possible to use the cradle without removing the
PDA from the case, but using a sync/charge cable works perfectly.
Because the molded eNOVO fits so tightly and perfectly, it is only
possible to use the PDA with its standard battery when using this

eb cases enovo 67004

The flip-lid of the eNOVO is held in place by the use of two
magnets and reciprocal pieces of steel located in the bottom.
Inside the flip-lid is a pocket for a miniSD card as well as a slot
for folded money or a business card. It is not recommended that IDs
or credit cards be stored in this slot because of the close
proximity to the magnets.

eb cases enovo 67006

Now we come to what made me really appreciate the thought that
went into the eNOVO: the removable flip-lid. If you will recall the
molded box that I pointed out earlier on the rear of the case, here
you can see its opposite side – a loop to which the hook located on
the base of the flip-lid attaches.

eb cases enovo 67007

With one simple motion, the flip-lid’s hook can be disengaged,
and the case suddenly becomes a play-through case with unfettered
screen access. Worth noting is the black fuzzy material that lines
the interior of the case in any place that will touch the 6700.

eb cases enovo 67008

With the flip-lid removed, the eNOVO allows the 6700 to be
carried in a manner that is most easy to use for phone calls. With no flip-lid in the way to bag against the user’s hand or face, the case quickly becomes a natural extension of the PDA.

eb cases enovo 67009

The lidless case now allows easy access to everything but
the keyboard. The bottom two corners of the PDA are completely
protected, as is much of the remaining device.

eb cases enovo 670010

Carrying the 6700 in this case is the next best thing to
carrying it with no case at all. The addition of a good screen
protector makes the eNOVO a great solution for people that use
their phone without a headset. The molded leather feels very good
in hand, and use of the PDA is not limited in any manner at all –
except for those that reply extensively on the use of the sliding

eb cases enovo 670011

Whether or not the eNOVO will be your favorite case will greatly
depend on how you use your 6700. If you are constantly sliding out
the keyboard and jotting off emails, then this case will probably
not be the right one for you. However, if you are proficient in
using onscreen input methods and you don’t regularly access the
6700s keyboard, this may be your perfect solution.

6700 with belt clip is available here


Product Information

Manufacturer:EB Cases
  • HTC Apache / PPC-6700
  • Perfect fit
  • Good looking case
  • Easy access to the PDA
  • Easy access to phone without using a headset
  • No access to the keyboard when PDA is in case

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