Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-05-17

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After learning last week that the DualCor would not have Wifi or Bluetooth
radios built into their forth coming cPC device, both Judie and I
pretty much marked them off our list of must review gadgets. I
mean, who the heck is going to pay $2000 for a device with that
handicap? Not I…

Now we hear from the folks at Sony that they will soon (July)
have a new handheld PC. The
UX 180P Micro PC
. This little guy isn’t a UMPC. Nope, it has a
slide out keyboard and also Cingular Edge support. It’s available
for pre-order at $1800. Pretty spendy, but oh so tempting. Judie
told me that she pre-ordered yesterday and then turned around and
cancelled her order because she’s very happy with her Jasjar. I’ve
been going back and forth with my own purchase decision since
learning about this new device. I have the proverbial angel on one
shoulder, and devil on the other. The angel tells me to buy a
Macbook instead, while the devil is telling me that a handheld
computer with Cingular support would be pretty wicked (in a good
way). And now the devil just whispered that I could buy both.

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