Sonic Impact i-Fusion Rechargeable Portable iPod Speaker System

Portable speakers made especially for the Apple iPod digital audio player are available in a veritable cornucopia of sizes, shapes and prices. For example, I’ve personally reviewed JBL’s On Tour speakers and Brando’s iPod audio system. Both provide good sound for a decent price, but I think I’ve found the ultimate speaker system for the iPod with Sonic Impact’s i-Fusion speaker system. Well at least it’s the ultimate until I find the next system to review :o)

sonicimpact ifusion1

Hardware Specs

Power output: 2W x 2
Speaker channel: 2 channel stereo output
Impedance: 8ohms
Frequency response: 120Hz-20Khz
Signal to noise ration: 65dB
Speaker drivers: neodymium magnetic drivers @ 1.25″ x 4
Battery: 8.4V 2000mAH Lithium ion rechargeable

Package Contents

i-Fusion speaker
5 adapter sleeves
Stereo cable
AC adapter
Quickstart guide

Upon first glance, the i-Fusion resembles a rugged little suitcase instead of a portable speaker system. The outside of the speaker cabinet is constructed of a blue or greenish gray hard canvas material. Clam shell by design, a heavy duty, smooth action nylon zipper holds the top and bottom halves of the case closed.

sonicimpact ifusion3

The top half of the i-Fusion is the speaker area, and the bottom half is the docking area. The speakers are built right into the case, and can’t be removed.

5 different adapters are included with the i-Fusion to allow for 3rd, 4th and 5th generation iPods to fit in the docking area. Each of the adapters has a little picture of the iPods that work with it, so that you won’t have any problem figuring out which one to use. For my 60gb iPod Video, I was able to slide on the adapter and then plug the combo into the docking area. The fit is snug, but not overly so.

sonicimpact ifusion6
sonicimpact ifusion7

If you don’t have an iPod or an iPod with a docking connector, you’re not totally left out in the cold. Included with the i-Fusion is a short 3.5mm stereo cable that you can plug one end into the earphone jack of your audio device and the other end into the line-in jack on the left side of the i-Fusion. That’s also where you plug in the AC adapter to charge the internal lithium ion batteries. There is also a 30pin connector that you can plug your iPod docking cable into so that you can use the i-Fusion as your iPod docking station for your computer.

sonicimpact ifusion2

Between the left and right speakers is a pop out storage compartment that can hold your iPod and adapter when you’re traveling or when the speakers are not in use.

sonicimpact ifusion5

Another storage compartment is located in the bottom section of the i-Fusion, next to the battery. The manual mentions using this compartment to store your earbuds. For some reason, that just seems odd to me, but maybe it’s just me :o) I would rather see the AC adapter shrunk down so it could be stowed in this area…

sonicimpact ifusion4

The interface for the speaker set is simple to understand and use. There is a sliding On/Off power switch, + and – volume adjustment buttons and a row of LEDs that display the battery status. The i-Fusion has an automatic power off feature that will activate when the iPod has been idle for more than 8 minutes. Per charge, the i-Fusion should play between 12-20hours (depending on volume settings). The i-Fusion also charges your iPod’s batteries while it is docked, so that will also have an effect on battery life.

In use, the i-Fusion speakers sound really great for such a compact kit. They better sound good considering the price tag is $150. Max volume is quite loud and due to the patented Maxxbass psycho-acoustic technology, you get some thump with your tunes. They work great turned low, or turned up. I can’t find any complaints audio wise. The only thing I would have liked to have seen included, that was left out, would be some kind of remote control. Using the click wheel is a little awkward while the iPod is inserted into the dock. This is a pretty minor gripe though. The i-Fusion portable rechargeable speaker makes a great travel companion for your iPod. Take it to your office, camping, etc., so that you can share your tunes and videos with the world. Or at least those that want to listen.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Sonic Impact
  • iPod with docking connector
  • Great sound
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Stores iPod
  • Charges iPod
  • AC adapter doesn't fit in storage compartment
  • Needs a remote control

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  2. Where can this item, Sonic Impact i-Fusion Rechargeable Portable iPod Speaker System be purchased? Thanks,

  3. I bought mine @ Target a couple of years ago. I LOVED it! Unfortunately, I allowed my 10 yr. old to use it and she broke it. Target no longer carries them. I am now looking for a replacement and am not happy with anything that I have found thus far.

  4. DO NOT PURCHASE! The company is out business, Web site those not have a phone number to call for customer service or address. You can send a email to customer service but you will not get a response. I purchase a used Sonic Impact but it do not have a battery. So I try to get a battery from the Sonic Impact and found the company went out of business . And what you see at other retail store like Amazon or other store you are seeing the last of their product . And last I could not get a battery and Sonic Impact those not work without one so you are stuck with expensive piece of junk.

  5. I got a used one given to me and love it since it is free but wondered about how to change battery and it looks like I can’t. I will use plugged in and hope that if a battery is ever available, I can get. Has anyone changed the battery and know how? It says to read manual and I don’t have one.

  6. I have a sonic Impact (LOVE IT) approxiamately 5 years old, unfortunately the battery has died and the A.C. adapter apparently WILL NOT work alone. Has anyone bought a new battery and if so, where can i purchase one.

  7. I have had one of these for years. I LOVE IT! You cannot find them new anymore but, I have seen them on ebay used. I am looking for one for my sister for christmas. I messaged a woman that said she sells batteries for the ifusion as well so you can always check there for replacement batteries

  8. Hi, i’ve just this great looking Ipod speaker. I love the sound it produce from sure small speakers. Anyone can advise whether you’ve any problem charging your Ipod Nano 4 Gen with it. Mine can’t charge at all. Cheers!

  9. We purchased one in 2006. Can you still purchase a Sonic Impact i-Fusion Rechargeable Portable iPod Speaker System? If so, where?

    1. I have lost my electric lead to my Astone I-fusion. I tried to buy one on line but the jack was too big for the whole. Any suggestions where I can buy the correct lead. I need it as a matter of urgency.

  10. I have had my Sonic Impact I Fusion for about 4 years now and to this day I STILL LOVE IT and it was definately worth every penny!! I’ve lost my AC adapter to charge the internal lithium ion batteries…does anyone know where you can purchase a new AC adapter?? I love my I Fusion, I can’t figure out why some reviews are calling it “junk”…I just wish I could charge mine….because I LOVE it!!

  11. My battery for my iFusion just died and I don’t have the power cord any more. Does anyone know where I can find them? Thx.

  12. LOVE MY IFUSION!! Had it for 4 yrs. Problem: When I turn it on, I get 1 second of music & it quits working. Does that mean the battery is dead? See all the posts say they have lost the battery. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  13. if your battery is dead simply replace it… just because the casing says sonic impact doesnt mean its the only one of its kind, just go to a battery store and give it to them and theyll order one for you and replace the isides 🙂 about 40$ for a new battery…

  14. My battery just died also and I can’t seem to locate a site that sells a replacement. I am not sure what a “battery store” is. Like a Radio Shack?…..and they don’t sell them..

  15. Amazing little portable unit. Just got a nano and it isn’t compatible. Not compatible with 3G ipone either, but works great with my ipod and old nano. Anyone looking to get a replacement unit, mine…. can email me at [email protected] I’m forced to go hunting for something as good as this baby. Steve

  16. this system works great when it works, now I am trying to find batteries for it since it does not recharge and it is impossible. and my ac cable does not work when plugged in… Does anyone know where I can find batteries for this system.

  17. Can you let me know where in the UK I can buy a new battery for my Sonic Impact portable speakers.Model I Fusion.


  18. I can honestly say this is one of the rare products that I have been really and truely happy with. I bought it in 2006 and the battery finally died this weekend. That’s not bad. It’s been durable, high quality and until the very end, the battery would last for many many hours of life. I haven’t figured out where to get another one but I would surely consider it. One of the best things about it is its durability. You can drop it, get it wet and bang it around and it works like a charm. Great product.

  19. corey e berger

    I just came across a sonic impact I-fusion with charger and battery(guessing original). Will let go before I get attached to it for $80.00. speakers, case, battery and charger only. First $70.00 takes

  20. Sonic Impact batteries, I just changed out my battery with a 7.2V 2200mAh camcorder battery from RayoVac, been running all afternoon, so far so good. Take a look at Batteries Plus. You have to take the leads off the original battery, around 50 bucks should get it done.

  21. Hi Sonic Impact lovers!
    If you are like me and love a great product and want to make the best use of it then read this space…As we all know this company went out of business and I must say this device kicks butt compared to the other ipod speaker players out there now, even bose! So I want to keep on using it and using it some more but then the inevitable happened, the battery died!!! Having read countless blogs on how/where to get a replacement battery for this device (I have the i-F3), nothing seemed to help. I went on my own mission to find a replacement battery and I did – simple answer: eBay! Don’t make the mistake I was making by searching for “sonic impact battery”, you won’t find it. Simply go to eBay and type in: “7.4v Li-ion battery” and you will find an abundance of options! But these batteries do NOT come with the connector that is on your original sonic impact battery so you must do some home wiring – it’s really pretty simple, just cut the black and red wires to retain the original connector and connect them to the replacement battery wires, cover the exposed wire with a little electrical tape, and voila!!! You have a replacement sonic impact battery!!! Live on SONIC IMPACT!!!!

  22. Roger…I inherited the original version from my son who is in the service. It is this docking station but the first iPod after the nano. I believe he bought it when they first came out. Yesterday I plugged in the power cord and it did light up and I could play it as long as I kept it plugged in. Obviously, the battery on the docking station is shot. It is the 8.4 2000mAH. Today I can’t get it to play even with the cord plugged in. It tries to come on for one second then shuts down and a picture of a battery can be seen in the dark screen with a little picture attached to the battery picture which implies, I assume, that it is not charging. Some times I get green lights for a little while which turns to a red light on the on/off switch as well as the first display bar under the switch. Now, anyone, is there also a lithium battery in the iPod as well as the docking station? I hesitated to try to take it apart. Why won’t it work while connected via the power cord. Also, do you know a place to look for an 8.4v or, will the 7.4v 2000mAh work. Anybody who can help this dad out would be appreciated. I did put a $22.50 bid down on a used on on eBay (docking station only) but this may be just a temporary fix…thanks for any help!!!

  23. I purchased the sonic impact I F5 great sound. But I have used them maybe a total of three charges and when I went to charge them this time it started charging totally fine then all the lights went off on the machine and it is not charging or turning on what can the issue be?

  24. I am looking for a cord that will allow me to use my new I-pod with the speakers. The new i-pod does not have the connection for using the docking slot so I need to use the plug in on the side of the unit. Is there some thing like this available?

    1. @Joe You need a short 3.5mm stereo cable that you can plug one end into the earphone jack of your audio device and the other end into the line-in jack on the left side of the i-Fusion. You should be able to find a short cable at a Radio Shack or Best Buy.

  25. mine device works fine, except that I have the ac current, I use a converter and it works fine except that when connected no speakers work, and tested and down the 3 volts does the device complete with speakers, there Consider that the entry is 9 v, and handling the battery output is lower, in short a multipurpose power converter if it works

  26. how can I use it to get more volume from my computer when watching a movie? I plugged it to my computer but dont hear anything.

  27. I have the i-Fusion docking player that works great on my original iPod, but I recently bought a new iPod Nano and it will not work. Is there an adapter other than as ASS002 that will fit and work? That adapter fits, but doesn’t work.
    My model# is 5085.

  28. I get no sound from speakers when ac cable plugged in. Anyone any idea why this is and what can be done to fix? Thanks.

    1. Hi James just seeing your post I had same sort of problem, I carefully peeled off case (grey outer cover) and found thin small wire had been split from speaker, so basically twisted them back together and re-glued case and hey presto. Hope this helps if you still have this product.

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