Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-02-11

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I don't know why I post that I'll have a review ready on a specific day. It always comes back to bite me in the you-know-what when I can't deliver. Yeah, I'm not getting the Dell X50v posted tonight like I promised. Tough week on the family side of things caused my plans to slip a bit. The review is half finished though, so it will be up Monday for sure. Really! I swear! I'm not kidding this time…

Here's something cool to keep you occupied this weekend. Make a paper dragon seems to follow you around as you look at it. This is really the coolest thing ever. I spent entirely too much time at work today cutting it out and putting it together. Everyone on my team had to give it a try. Too much fun!

Wow! You know, I jumped the IE ship for Firefox months and months ago. I've been very happy with the move. But tonight, I decided to check back in with Opera after not trying it in years. I must say that I'm totally impressed! So much so that I may just switch again! It seems to be much faster than Firefox at loading pages. It has my favorite feature in the world: tabs. So, who else is an Opera fan and why?

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