Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-02-10

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Okay the preliminaries are out of the way and the concensus is in – 20GB iPod it is.
Folks, I am a little bit concerned that so few of the 27 people that helped me complete this experiment have written back to both vote on their choice and to let me know that their address is good.

Here are the stats:
So far, I have heard back from nine people, five addresses have bounced, and 13 simply haven't replied. If you are reading this and you participated, but you haven't heard from me, then check your spam file – this very necessary letter may be in there!
If I don't get a reply back from you, then I am going to have to remove your name from the drawing and I hate to do that. I will do it though, because I want to make sure that there are no mis-fires when it is time to draw a name. If you haven't heard from me and you think you should have, then drop me an email from the account you used to sign up for the free iPod. I am sure that the nine people that are firmly in the drawing at this point won't mind if you don't reply, though. ;0)

Free FlatScreen TV: So far three (+ me) are now approved. More later, I'm sure…

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