Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-07-07

I am trying to decide if I could (or should) get a “super portable”
computer to replace my PDA and my Fuji laptop. Here is the thing
– most of the Palm programs that I really use also have desktop
counterparts. So technically, I could buy a super portable, like the
Sony Vaio U70/U50 or
the OQO, and use my favorite programs while enjoying the
full XP experience. I
know that there would be some major trade-offs, though…
The first one that comes to mind involves battery life. I like to read eBooks,
and sometimes I can actually take the time to read for hours on end,
uninterrupted. This is not always accomplished with an electrical outlet nearby,
so battery life for any unit is definitely a concern.
I also worry about start-up time. I am spoiled by the instant-on of Palm and
Pocket PC PDAs. What kind of time would it take to start a super portable? If it
is as long as a regular laptop or desktop, then that alone might be a deal
Cost is also an issue. The average fully-loaded PDA is priced around $500 these
days (obviously I am not counting the $800 Sony NZ90 in that estimate). If these
super portables are in the $3000 range, would they be obsolete before I had
gotten enough value from one to justify its purchase price?

All I know is that these super portables are really calling to me,
the U70. I wish there was a computer fairy that would leave one
under my pillow. But since there isn't, I need some help justifying the
purchase…or some straight talk about why buying one would be a horrible idea. :0)

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