Brando Workshop Ultra Clear Protector Plus Screen Protector

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Product Requirements:
Any of the PDAs, Cell Phones or
Digital Cameras listed

Most of you know by now that my favorite protectors are the ultra clear ones
– the type that look and feel like a naked PDA’s screen when installed. One of
Julie’s and my favorite vendors, Brando
, has recently come out with their answer for those that feel the
same, the
Ultra Clear Protector Plus

Unlike the previously reviewed
Protector Plus
offered by Brando, these do not have a slight opaqueness for
anti-glare nor do they have a textured feel for those that like the sensation of
writing on paper when they enter data in their PDA. Instead, these Brandos are
glass-like in their transparency and completely smooth in feel.

Similar to the ARM Kit
protector that I previously reviewed, the Brando has a thin plastic film
covering both its front and rear sides. You must first expose the back side,
install the protector, then remove the plastic covering the front. Unlike the
ARM Kit, the Brando protector has tabs attached to the film making it much
easier for a beginner (or someone more experienced) to install.


Due to the gentle silicone adhesive, it is extremely easy to lift a corner
should you get a bit of lint under the protector while installing. You can also
pull the entire protector up and start over, should you realize that you had it
misaligned from the start.

Once on, the Brando provides clear, beautiful, unadulterated viewing of the
screen. While Julie was here in Texas, I installed one on her TH55. She doesn’t
usually use screen protection, but since I am always harping at her about how
bad it is to use an exposed PDA screen, she agreed to give this one a try. 
Julie mentioned to me the other day that it was still on her TH55 and that she
could almost forget that she had a protector on – it was so clear. That’s high
praise, indeed!

Modern screen Protectors sure have come a long way, haven’t they? As with
most of the other premium protectors available, the Brandos are removable,
washable, and unless you are brutal with your stylus – very long lasting.
They are a veritable bargain, considering that you should get at least six
month’s use from them.

Price: $13

Extremely clear
Long lasting
Easy to apply



Product Information

  • Extremely clear
  • Long lasting
  • Removable
  • Washable
  • Easy to apply
  • Inexpensive
  • None

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27 thoughts on “Brando Workshop Ultra Clear Protector Plus Screen Protector”

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  2. Julie, did you notice any difference in your graffiti recognition while using this Brando? I’ve read some posts (forgotten where) about graffiti recognition being not as good while using this Brando (or Martin fields)


  3. Judie is really the screen protector guru of the duo, and can probably answer this better than I can… But for me and my limited experience using this specific one, I’ve not noticed any problems with my character recognition. It’s possible that I’ve slightly altered my stylus pressure, but I don’t really feel that I have.

  4. I think the problem that Carel is talking about pertained mostly to the TH55 and the Martin Fields protector in particular.

    Certain TH55 units would have quirky digitizers until the protector was removed. It did not affect all TH55s that used the protector – it was some sort of random problem.

    Judie :0)

  5. Julie, can you compare these screen protectors with the G2s. I love my G2s, but there’s very difficult to install, at least for me. Looks like these tabbed ones may be easier to install. Thoughts?

  6. I think this is my first or 2nd commentary here! I’m usually hyper-active over on HowardForums where I nit-pick phones…

    I am uber-paranoid about scratching up phone displays- which is why I usually prefer clamshell/folder designs.

    But as the range of clamshells I would prefer to own (Cingular) have begun to dry up, I’m setting my sights on swallowing my pride and getting a (gasp!) bar-shaped phone.

    I noticed the Brando folks carry various pre-cut ultra clear protectors for phones. Yes! A nit-pickers dream come true.

    Let’s take the Nokia 6600 for instance- big screen, but it’s not a touchscreen, so tactile feel with a stylus isn’t a concern. I’m worried that something like a screen protector would “catch” on the edges from repeated inserting/removal from a belt pouch. (In the case of this Nokia model, the phone’s screen is ever-so-slightly recessed, not flush, which might help.)

    How durable does the Brando protector hold up under everyday use, namely in the area of edge wear?

    PS: Keep up the good work! I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember!

  7. Heh, thought you would! Looks just like my Corgi- except for the colors, of course.

    How do the corners hold up on that screen protector?

  8. If you’re like me, you think screen protection is a good idea… but you’ve found that the experience of installing screen protectors to be right up there with, say, giving yourself a root canal. The inevitable air bubbles, the trapped dust, the aggravation of getting them centered… drill, please!

    So… it has been a long while between screen protectors for me, but Judie’s review of the Brando Ultra Clear convinced me that it was time to give them another try. The two primary selling points for me were easy installation and the fact that the Ultra Clear retained the look of a naked screen. Banishing my painful memories of screen protectors past, I took the leap and ordered one for my Tungsten C.

    It looked promising out of the envelope. A heavy gauge protector with convenient tabs for lifting the protective films on its face and back. (And clearly marked as to which was which.) I removed the first film, ready to install the Brando Ultra Clear on my screen and… let me cut to the chase: 75 minutes later I was still trying, when I finally threw the Brando down in disgust, grabbed my Makita 1/4″ drill and started on my back right molar. Ah… blessed relief from the pain of it all.

    But seriously… the main problem was that the Brando was cut fractionally longer than my Tungsten C screen–and, as I applied the first edge, the thickness of the protector combined with the light stickiness of the adhesive made it impossible to slip under the plastic bezel. So, as I placed the protector down on the screen, that fractionally longer length was a problem at the opposite edge–try as I might, I could never get the protector to lay completely flat. Of course, the repeated attempts at installation created problems with air bubbles and dust/lint that stuck to the adhesive–the only way to remove it was with Scotch tape. I sent a note to Brando about the length problem, but they’ve never replied. The only positive comment I can make is that the Brando did have the look of a naked screen, judging from the 97% of it that I managed to install.

    Bottom line: if you’ve been waiting for a great looking, long lasting, easy to install screen protector to hit the market, the Brando Ultra Clear isn’t it… unless you think two out of three ain’t bad.

  9. You sound like you have the same level of patience as I do. My solution: I have my best friend who just happens to be a wizard at installing these things, install mine*… Problem is that I only see her a couple of times a year. Good thing these protectors are long lasting!

    *Wizard = Judie

  10. WirelessAndy – Sorry that you question got momentarily overlooked. In answer, The corners hold up very well!

    Since Julie is still using hers (I have since had to apply a different protector for testing purposes) perhaps she could further comment?

  11. Wish I could, but that protector is on the TH55 that I sold a few weeks ago… 😮

    Right now I’m using a HP2200 without any protection 😮

  12. I bought this protector after reading the Gadgeteer review. As you all know, it has two films–one you remove before applying, one after. The first one came off easily, and the protector installed easily.

    But when I pulled on the tab labelled “2” to remove the second film, the tab pulled off and the film stayed put. Can’t get it off after several tries.

    All suggestions, commiserations, etc., very welcome.

    Thanks in advance, Bernie

  13. Bernie,

    I am sorry that it took me a bit to reply, I have been in New York for the last couple of days. If you have not been able to get the film off your protector, then you might write to Brando and tell him about what happened. He offers excellent customer service and I am positive he will give you a replacement screen protector since the one you bought did not work as it should.

    Good luck!
    Judie :0)

  14. I was so excited with the display on my new Zodiac2 but I wanted to get screen protection so I don’t mar it. I read the review of this protector and decided to order it.

    Shipping was super fast but the protector simply would not install at all. I had a completely clean display and when I laid the protector over it there was suddenly air bubbles caused by trapped dust. That dust either came with the protector or flew in there as I was laying it down. Well once you have dust on the adhesive side of the protector just chuck the whole thing in the garbage because it isn’t ever coming off.

    I’ve just spent 30 minutes trying to pull the dust off with scotch tape as advised by the packaging — nope didn’t do a thing, and washing the protector since the packaging also claims it can be washed — no go.

    I’ve installed screen protectors before and never had this kind of trouble. At $13 a pop I’m not going to try again either. I honestly can not recommend this product to anyone.

  15. This suggestion usually freaks a few people out but it works well. I have been using the Brando’s for a few years now and have done this many times. Wash it and rinse it under some purified water. Shake it off and lay it on the screen wet. Put a towel at one end to absorb the water as you push it out with a credit card. This is quick and you will have no dust on your screen. The water you have to push out and soak up is minimal. Hope it helps.

  16. I wanted to love this screen protector, it is so nice and glossy and clear, but…first of all I found the whole tabs thing totally confusing, and basically gave up and just stuck it on. And then when I got it on I couldn’t get it to lie flat without huge bubbles. Eventually I settled for it being bubbly but a week or so later it caused the Palm to stop functioning or responding to anything until I “rebooted” it and removed it. I would have tried to return it, but I put it down somewhere and now it’s nowhere to be found. I’m going back to WriteShield, which I used happily on my old Visor (I ordered this one from Brando Workshops because I was also ordering a Brandon leather cover for my Tungsten E–and I *do* love that!).

  17. Bought an UltraClear Screen Protector for my LifeDrive, unfortunately….

    I also had this confusing problem with this scrren protector..i totally damaged and wasted my old one because of this misleading two stickers, red and blue, now i bought another one since i really like it’s screen…

    pls Judie and Julie…advice me pls on what to do step-by-step so that i wouldn’t waste my SECOND ultraclear skin….


    1. Which one will i use? The THICK one or the THIN one?

    2. Which will i stick on my screen? The back of the screen with RED sticker or the back of the screen with blue sticker?

    3. Or the front of the screen with red sticker? Or the front of the screen with blue sticker?

    I am so d@mn confused really…

    pls advice me…


  18. I’ve carefully read your review, you mean that this protector comes in three pieces??? I mean, the screen protector itself and 1 covering the front, and 1 covering the back???

    Is this true???

    So it means i have to peel off two sides????

    i am really confused!!!

  19. Hi Jamby, I am sorry that you are having difficulties, but let’s see if we can get you back on track…

    Yes, there are coverings on both the front and the back, and there are numbered tags attached that tell you the order in which the coverings should be removed. As I said in the review, “the Brando has a thin plastic film covering both its front and rear sides. You must first expose the back side, install the protector, then remove the plastic covering the front. Unlike the ARM Kit, the Brando protector has tabs attached to the film making it much easier for a beginner (or someone more experienced) to install.”

    So in other words, remove tab #1, and install the protector to the screen of your PDA. Once it is in place, remove tab #2. If they are still the same as when I did the review, the tabs will have numbers and #1 will be red & #2 will be blue.

    Good luck and keep me posted!
    J :0)

  20. Tnx Judie,… 🙂

    i’ll try out your suggestion,..maybe this weekend… just had a hard reset of my LD…… 😡

    Tnx…will keep you posted… 🙂

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