Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-02-10

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Sony has finally come up with what may be the perfect CLIE – the PEG-TH55.

This tablet style PDA comes with a laundry list of features, but perhaps the most important two are that it has a 480×320 high resolution TFT display and built in WiFi. Also worth noting is that the TH55 has 32MB RAM, a built in camera, and it costs just $399…the same as my Daily Driver, the Tapwave Zodiac2

I will most likely be pre-ordering the TH55 – but sight unseen I am already making a mental list of pros and cons between it and my Zod. Here are just some of the Pros I see for each unit:

Zodiac2: 128MB RAM, 2 SD slots (1 SDIO), rotate-able screen, built-in bluetooth, awesome button layout, good selection of included software.

TH55: Built in WiFi, built in camera (640×480 res), built in voice recorder, polyphonic alarms, includes Intellisync Lite, a clear plastic flip-lid, and it has a good selection of included software.

Of course, the TH55 is still just OS5.2, and OS6 is supposed to be coming out any time now. I'm not sure that the CLIE's interesting new Date Book software, much less its other cool features, would warrant going with a new PDA whose OS's days are numbered.

Decisions, decisions…

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